Splish, Splash, Dash: More Swimming Pools are Headed to Aldi

These Aldi swimming pools will provide lots of backyard fun!

The year 2020 is sure to be remembered for many things.

Judging by all the talk in the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group, we’re guessing swimming pool manufacturers will remember 2020 as the year they couldn’t work fast enough.

With public pools and water parks closed around the country due to the pandemic, there is an unprecedented demand for backyard versions.

Nationwide, everything from kiddie pools to the large above-ground variety have been selling out.

Aldi has carried several different versions of swimming pools this summer, and they have sold out almost instantly each time.

Well heads up, Aldi shoppers. More pools are coming to U.S. Aldi stores on July 1.

Aldi hexagon swimming pool

These Crane inflatable pools come in two variations — the blue rectangle pool show above, and the green hexagon pool below.

Aldi hexagon swimming pool

The rectangle pool is approximately 80″ x 60″ and about 2-feet deep.

The hexagon pool is approximately 80″ x 80″ and about 2- feet deep.

The publicity photos released by Aldi show multiple people enjoying these pools at the same time.

Aldi swimming pools

But if you want one of these all to yourself for outdoor relaxation, know that you can take your summer fruit wines with you — these Aldi swimming pools come equipped with a cup holder!

These Crane pools will be priced at $16.99, and as we said above, they are set to be released on July 1.

A few tips for getting one:

Remember that Aldi typically only gets a few of any larger Aldi Finds items.

Some Aldi stores set out items a day or two early, so keep this in mind and know your local store’s policy. It’s not a bad idea to ask a manager or Aldi employee when your store stocks it’s new Aldi Finds each week.

Aldi Finds are typically “one and done” as far as shipments go. If your store sells out, that’s probably all the stock that will be available until Aldi features the item as an Aldi Find again.


  1. I am disabled and my little pool for therapy held up for 5 years but something happened and now I cannot find another one ANYWHERE! Please help me.

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