Get your Fall Front Porch Ready with these Aldi Finds Under $20!

The Aldi Finds for September 16-22 includes lots of fun fall decor for $20 or less!


aldi fall front porch decor

Hey there! It’s almost fall. Before you start raking those leaves, it’s time to decorate!

Entrance mats, front door wreaths and porch signs go into the classic fall front porch. And wouldn’t you know it? Our favorite store, Aldi, has got us covered with new Aldi Finds for the fall season.

Aldi Fall Front Porch Decor

Aldi Fall Doormats

Many of us love to change our doormats out for each season, and Aldi is not letting us down in that department.

These 18″ x 30″ Huntington Home Fall Coir Mats are priced at $6.99 each. Our fave is this Hello Fall pickup truck with the bed full of pumpkins:

fall front doormat that says hello fall with a pickup truck full of pumpkins

fall doormat with the word thankful

And there’s also this cute pumpkin welcome mat:

welcome mat with 3 pumpkins on it

And look at this adorable Halloween-themed doormat with witch’s feet:

front doormat with witch's feet

Aldi Estate Doormats

Aldi also has larger “estate” size coir doormats for your fall front porch. These measure 20″ x 40″ and sell for $12.99:

doormat with the word gather

doormat with the word welcome script

doormat with the word hello

large doormat with the word welcome block text

Harvest Front Door Wreath

Bring home the fall vibes with a showstopping front door wreath. There are 3 different Huntington Home Harvest Wreaths to choose from: Multicolor pumpkins (our personal fave), white pumpkins and pinecones and pumpkins.

Each is priced at $18.99 comes with an over-the-door hanger for easy display.

front door wreath with multicolor pumpkins

front door wreath with white pumpkins

front door wreath with fall leaves, pumpkins and pinecones

And finally, every fall front porch needs a front porch sign, does it not? These signs are so cute and they’re only $12.99!

three fall front porch signs featuring happy fall y'all, hello fall and give thanks

front porch sign displaying give thanks

front porch sign displaying happy fall y'all

front porch sign displaying hello fall


And, wait for it …

They’re reversible!

Reversible Porch Signs

front porch sign displaying beware witches are in the air

front porch sign displaying happy halloween

front porch sign displaying welcome with a jack-o-lantern

All of this fall front porch decor is slated to be available in Aldi stores starting Sept. 16th. Share a pic of your fall decor with us in the Aldi Aisle of Shame Community on Facebook.


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