More Fall Aldi Reversible Porch Signs Are Showing Up In Stores!

The Aldi Finds for October 14 (Oct. 11 in stores with a Sunday ad switchover) includes some great decor, including a new batch of reversible porch signs!

This week, the Aldi ad features a new crop of Huntington Home porch signs for just $12.99!

Aldi Reversible Porch Signs

These “Harvest-themed” signs feature fall designs, and some of them could be used year-round! Better get there early because there’s no doubt that these are going to go flying out the door. These porch signs at Aldi are always popular!

harvest porch signs

We all know that most items in the Aisle of Shame sell out quickly as they’re not restocked, but the seasonal decor is especially limited. If you’re wanting a reversible porch sign, lace up your shoes and get ready to roll because they will sell out before the week is over.

What makes the Aldi Huntington Home reversible porch signs so great is that you’re getting two designs for the price of one. And you can’t not love the price – we repeat, a full-sized sign is just $12.99! 

There are three signs to choose from…and remember they’re all reversible. 

harvest porch signs

Create the Perfect Fall Front Porch

In the Aisle of Shame Facebook group, we’re seeing a variety of display options for these signs. The most popular is leaning the sign against the house next to the front door. Add a seasonal wreath and doormat and your porch is fall ready for under $40!

reversible porch signs

One thing to note is that the porch signs are not waterproof and need to be kept in a covered space outdoors for maximum durability.

The Aldi reversible porch signs also include a jute loop making them easy to hang indoors.


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