You Can Pretend It’s Still Summer With This Flybird Margarita Wine

It’s officially fall, but Aldi is still bringing us some summertime drinks like this Flybird Margarita Wine!

While many of us are out visiting the pumpkin patch and watering the mums in our front yards, Aldi is bringing us plenty of pumpkin and apple flavored foods and home decor. (In fact, my mums even came from Aldi this year!)

But for all of the fall vibes in the air, we know there are those who are mourning the end of summertime.

And we have news for you, too. Amid the Halloween decor coming out this week, you’ll find two new margarita wines at your local Aldi!

flybird margarita wine

These Flybird margarita wines are available in two flavors in 750 ml bottles.

There is strawberry margarita and baja lime margarita to choose from. Or, you know, don’t make a choice and buy both!

This Flybird margarita wine is due in Aldi stores on Sept. 30 (Sept. 27 for stores with a Sunday ad switchover).

Flybird is sold in other stores, as well, and is not an Aldi exclusive. In looking around online, we found that it has very positive reviews!

The price of alcohol varies from store to store because of local taxes and fees, but we predict you will find this in your Aldi store priced at around $8-$10 per bottle.

That is, if your Aldi store sells alcohol. Some stores do not because of local laws an the availability of liquor licenses.

Have you tried this Flybird margarita wine? Let us know in our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group!

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