Aldi Cat Food: A Heart to Tail & Pure Being Review

Are you having challenges looking for the best cat food for your pet?

It might not be easy with all the different cat formulas and brands in the market.

Aldi sells two popular in-store pet food brands; Heart to Tail and Pure Being. In this piece, we will break down these two brands and let you know if they are ideal for your cat or not.

Read on;

Does Aldi Sell Cat Food?

Yes, Aldi stocks all types of cat food. From canned wet food, dry food, litter, and treats, you will get everything your furry friend needs. They are priced from $0.39 per can up to $8.99 per bag.


What Do Customers Think Of Aldi Cat Food?

Aldi cat food has received mixed reviews on various platforms, partly because of the different types of products customers compared them with. However, the general feeling is that Aldi’s cat food is loved by pets, even though they exhibit a lot more excitement on other superior cat foods.

Another concern that was continually voiced was that Aldi cat food seems to have poultry by-products, which is not ideal for cats that are allergic to chicken.

Types of Cat Food Sold at Aldi

Below are the types of cat food sold at Aldi stores.

Heart to Tail Cat Food

Heart to tail cat food is an Aldi exclusive pet brand. It includes;

1) Heart to Tail Dry Cat Food

It comes in a 16 lb bag and has small round and triangular pieces.

It is perfect for cats with dental issues and contains corn gluten, poultry by-product meals, and ground-yellow corn.

However, dry cat food has high carbohydrate levels, leading to cat obesity and diabetes. You should therefore limit its consumption.

2) Heart to Tail Canned Cat Food 

Aldi’s canned cat food comes in three flavors: Salmon, Turkey & Giblets, and White Fish & Tuna. It is packed in 5.5-oz cans and retails at 39 cents.

It is also compliant with AAFCO requirements and meets all the nutritional standards.

The difference between dry and canned food is the moisture content, beneficial to cats with lower urinary tract issues.

The higher moisture content in canned foods also helps keep the cat full for longer and has more nutrients.

3) Heart to Tail Entrees

These consist of three flavors: Beef, Cod, Sole & Shrimp, and Gourmet Chicken.

They come in 3-oz cans and retail at 49 cents each.

It is recommended to feed adult cats two and a half cans per 6-8lbs of body weight per day. For kittens, give them twice the adult amount.

4) Heart to Tail Special Medley or Indoor Cat Formula

The special medley formula is dry cat food with natural flavors and no artificial additives.

However, its first five ingredients are plant-based, including ground corn, soybean meals, and corn gluten meal. It is also high in carbohydrates and does not contain moisture.

Its animal ingredients include chicken fat, bone meal, and chicken-by-product meal.

5) Heart to Tail Cat Treats

Retailing at $1.09 for a 3-oz package, the Heart to Tail cat treats are a must-try.

They come in three flavors: salmon, seafood medley, and chicken.

The first ingredients include chicken meal, chicken fat, tapioca starch, barley flour, and natural chicken flavor. They do not contain soy and wheat, which is a win for you.

Pure Being Premium Cat Food

Pure Being is recommended for people who want a higher quality ingredient list.

Aldi advertises it as “the best of the best” and is more expensive than Heart to Tail.

1) Pure Being Premium Cat Food Chicken & Chickpea

Its primary ingredients include chicken, turkey meal, and chicken meal which are high-quality protein sources.

It also has no allergens, hence safe for your cat.

2) Pure Being Premium Cat Food Salmon & Rice

Its primary ingredients are chicken meal, deboned salmon, and turkey meal, which are fantastic animal proteins.

It also contains ground brown rice, which helps maintain the kibble shape. However, they are bulk-adding fillers, not nutritional to your cat.

Note that the deboned salmon and natural salmon flavor may affect cats with seafood allergies.

What Company Makes Aldi Cat Food?

Aldi is very secretive about who makes what cat food. However, two manufacturers emerge out, but it is not clear who makes what.

Big Heart Pet Brand manufactures Aldi cat food, and it has its pet food ingredient plants in Texas and Washington.

TOP Food & Drug company also manufactures Aldi cat food and produces other grocery items.

Is Aldi Cat Food Healthy?

Yes, it is if you are looking for affordable yet healthy food for your cat.

Aldi cat food, however, has higher carbohydrates and uses a lot of animal byproducts. Protein is not the main ingredient, as the first ingredients on the packaging are mainly poultry by-products, water, meat by-products, or a combination.

Aldi, however, does not use artificial flavors, which is a win. It is still preferred by many cat owners who want a decent meal that is also affordable for their cats.

How Much is Aldi Cat Food?

Aldi cat food is affordable, though the prices will differ in different areas.

For Heart to Tail dry cat food, you will pay around $3.50 and less than $0.50 per can of wet food.  On the other hand, Pure Being dry food costs around $6.

If you’re looking to save some coins, then Aldi is your go-to store for cat food.

How Does Aldi Cat Food Compare With Other Brands?

Aldi is a major cat food brand, and many consumers love its products. How does it compare to other brands?

1) Quality

Aldi cat food is of good to average quality compared to other brand names such as Fancy Feast, Purina, and 9 Lives.

It does not have artificial flavors and as many meat by-products as its counterparts, and it also avoids undesirable ingredients such as fillers.

2) Price

Aldi is relatively cheaper than other brand names, but not by much.

For example, while its Heart to Tail 3-oz wet food retails at 49 cents, Purina Fancy Feast goes for 64 cents.

The Heart to Tail dry food goes for less than $3, while Purina Kit & Kaboodle goes for $3.84.

3) Nutrition

Aldi cat foods have the right nutritional balance to ensure your cat lives a happy life.

Aldi’s dry cat food is majorly plant-based. Its wet food is better, as it contains salmon, tuna, and chicken as protein sources.

Aldi Cat Food Recall History

Aldi’s Heart to Tail cat food has never been recalled as of the date of this post.

On the other hand, Pure Being had its Pet Advent Calendars recalled in December 2021 due to a potential choking hazard. This was due to numerous customer complaints, and as a result, Aldi removed all the Pure Being Cat Advent Calendars from stores.

Where Is Aldi Cat Food Made?

Previously, Heart to Tail wet food products was a product of Canada, but have recently moved to the U.S. Their dry cat food products are also from the U.S.

None of its cat food comes from China, a significant concern for pet owners.

So, is Aldi Cat Food Worth It?


Aldi cat food has great ingredients such as tuna, chicken, and salmon, which are good protein sources. Protein is excellent for your cat’s health as it helps keep their skin, hair, and organs healthy.


  1. They changed their wet cat food! It no longer comes in the cans, and formula is changed, price went up and there’s only three flavors and no “small can better food” option.

    It now comes in the foil containers like the wet dog food.

    The cans are from Canada, the foil is from Norway. The new cat food is formulated very differently! I believe for the far worse. Plus, the price is now 65 cents for a 3.5oz foil container.

    The seafood flavor lists deboned chicken as it’s first ingredient! Fish follow in the list after meat-by-products and other items. The beef flavor lists water as it’s first ingredient. The chicken flavor seems the best of the overall lousy lot. All three flavors have cellulose in the middle of the ingredient list – why does Aldi cat food have wood in their cat food now?

    Looks like I’m going back to Fancy Feast for pregnant moms – it’s the best of all the Fancy Feast, and very healthy for non-pregnant cats.

    Please update this article on Aldi wet cat food – it was out of date before you even published it.

  2. We have several Aldi’s in our area, and I am seeing fresh stock in the normal 5.5oz cans. I feed it to my Sheltie, and he drools over it.

  3. We have been feeding our cat for about 5 years now, the Heart to Tail Salmon Entree and he loves the taste. It seems to be the most beneficial of all canned cat foods that we have tried him on. He is 18 years old and still gets around good.

    The only problem that we are having with this cat food is supply. Aldi does not stock enough supply to meet the demand in our area for it. When restocked, it usually runs out within a day or two, then, it takes weeks, if not months, to restock. Accordingly, we have to buy months worth of cat food in order that our cat does not run out or have to eat a less nutritious diet.

    This supply problem has been brought to the attention of Aldi several times now, with no detectable response.

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