Jalapeno Popper Pizza, Reversible Rugs, and More Items You Can’t Miss at Aldi This Week

Aldi is spoiling us this week with some super great deals on dumbbells and tasty treats like Jalapeno Popper Pizza. We have a feeling that none of these stellar deals are going to last long so do your best to raid the aisles of Aldi asap!

Here’s your Aldi must-haves for the week of February 24th (February 21st in stores with a Sunday ad switchover):

First, you need to know that it is Italian Week at Aldi! That means there is all kinds of good stuff in store, including imported pasta, new pasta sauces, diced pancetta, and much more! We made a list of all the items coming for Italian Week that you can access here.

Aldi italian week

Crane Adjustable Dumbbells – $49.99

Who says you need to have multiple dumbbells to lift different pounds of weights? This adjustable dummbell will give you the option of having many different weight settings in all one handy place.

Perfect for minimal storage with maximum results. (male model not included)

adjustable dumbbells at Aldi

Mama Cozzi’s Jalapeno Popper Pizza – $3.99

Just when you thought that Mama Cozzi’s pizza toppings couldn’t get any better, along comes their Jalapeno Popper Pizza. This thin-crust pizza tastes like your favorite appetizer but topped with even more cheese and flavor.

Get your taste buds ready – it’s not for the faint of heart. But we can assure you that each spicy bite is 100% worth it!

jalapeno popper pizza

Fuel by Nature Chocolate Dipped Mango – $4.99

Who says you can’t combine naughty and nice when you’re looking for a sweet treat? Healthy fruit combined with dark chocolate? That’s one snack that I’ll happily enjoy!

chocolate covered mango

Huntington Home 5′ x 7′ Reversible Area Rug – $39.99

We are pretty much obsessed with these reversible area rugs. Not only are they durable and tough to be able to withstand pets and kids, but they also give you two different patterns and looks!

What a simple way to change up the look of your room just by flipping over your rug!

reversible area rug at Aldi

Fremont Fish Market Chilled Crab Cakes – $5.99

Craving the taste of crab cakes but live no where near the coast? These fresh never frozen crab cakes are enough to serve 4 and are ready in just minutes of time!

They’ve even included the cocktail dipping sauce, too. All you have to do is heat and eat!

chilled crab cakes

Maguire’s Red Ale – $6.49

If you’re an Ale fan, don’t miss out on this tasty drink. This is a delicious red ale and it has a nice subtle caramel flavoring, too. And if you’re gearing up for all things BBQ or are a fan of cheeses, this is the perfect drink to pair up with them all!

maguires red ale at aldi

Savoritz Taco Wave Crackers – $1.99

Can’t wait for Taco Tuesday to arrive for the delicious taco flavor? Give this Taco Wave Crackers a try! They really do taste just like the real deal and come in Taco flavor or Bold White Cheddar options.

We love to have this as a fun snack to grab as we’re heading out the door!

savoritz taco crackers

Huntington Home Ceramic Candle – $5.99

We’re always a fan of Aldi candles and this soy blend candle doesn’t disappoint. Choose from the scents of  Sea Salt & Rain (Flame), Pink Hibiscus (Stripe), or Buttercream Cupcake (White).

Perfect for a way to spruce up the smell of your home or great for a unique gift idea, too.

ceramic candle at aldi

Macaroni & Cheese Deli Pizza – $4.99

If you’ve ever dreamed of having macaroni & cheese combined with your pizza, your reality is now here. This delicious deli pizza takes two of the best dishes ever and creates an amazing duo of taste!

Ready in just 15 minutes of time, you’re going to love every bite. You might want to go ahead and get a couple as the first one won’t last long!

mac and cheese pizza at aldi

Crofton Salt and Pepper Mill Set – $6.99

Spruce up your salt and pepper shakers at home at this totally affordable price. We can’t quite explain why but salt and pepper ALWAYS taste better when you can hand grind them yourself!

We also think that these are great wedding gifts or fun gifts for new homeowners, too!


salt and pepper mills at aldi

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