Summer Candles, Succulents, And More Items You Can’t Miss This Week

Ready for a new candle haul? This week Aldi has new summer scented-candles, an assortment of succulents, and a $3.99 letter board! Here’s a look at your must-haves for the week:


this week's aldi must-haves candles succulents letterboardHuntington Home Letter Board

$3.99 letter boards? Yes, please! Get creative with your choice of faux marble, ombre, black or gray letter boards with 144 characters. Amanda Gougeon‎, a member of the Aisle of Shame Facebook group, posted her hilarious letter board with the message, “Stop spending money at Aldi Hahaha”. WE LOVE IT!

aldi letter board funny

Huntington Home LED Message Box

If you want to step up your message board game, upgrade to an LED Message Box for $8.99. These light up boxes are a cool accent for a living room, tween bedroom, or to display fun messages during the holidays. Includes 105 changeable black or multicolored letters, numbers and symbols.


aldi huntington home message box

Huntington Home 5-Pack Makeup Removing Cloths

We’ve been wanting to try makeup remover clothes for a while but weren’t ready to spend $20 from Sephora for a single cloth. Thankfully, Aldi has our backs because this week they’re bringing a 5-pack of makeup removing cloths to the Aisle of Shame for $4.99!

Made of 100% Microfiber, these cloths are reusable and machine washable and don’t require the use of a cleanser.

aldi makeup removing cloths 5 pack

Huntington Home 3-Wick Candles

Aldi candles are back…and we couldn’t be more excited about the new summer scents, which include Sweet Peach, Summer Rain, Coconut Vanilla Waffle Cone, and Calypso Sands. As always, Huntington Home 3-wick candles are just $3.99 each!


Aldi Summer candles

Huntington Home 2-Pack Satin Pillowcases

Do you wake up in the morning with frizzy, tangled hair? There’s a solution for that— a satin pillowcase! The smoothness of satin keeps hair smooth and knot-free…plus it’s a dream to sleep on! This week you can get a set of 2 satin pillowcases in the Aisle of Shame for $5.99! There will be four colors available: grey, grey with a pattern, vanilla and mauve.

aldi satin pillowcases 2 pack

4″ Succulent in Tin

We love Aldi plant babies and are ecstatic that succulents are back (these are one of the few plants that we can manage to keep alive!). A variety of succulents will be available either in the Aisle of Shame or at the front near the registers. The reusable tin container is neutral and will fit with most decor.

aldi succulents in tins

Deutsche Küche Bavarian Brand Wieners Original or Mustard

German week isn’t for a few more months, so we’re happy to see these Bavarian wieners in the cooler section for $3.49. We’re very curious about the mustard flavor— is the mustard in the hot dog or is it in the seasoning? We don’t know yet…but we’re going to find out!

Deutsche Küche Bavarian Brand Wieners Mustard

Folios Cheddar Cheese Wraps

Following keto or another low carb lifestyle? These Folios cheese wraps are always a hit when they show up in the cooler section at Aldi! Use in the place of bread or a taco shell for extra flavor and 11g protein and 1g carb for each cheddar cheese wrap. $4.89

Folios Cheese Wrap Cheddar

Sundae Shoppe Summer Gelato

We’re in the height of summer and temps are through the roof! Cool down with a scoop of Aldi gelato in Mixed Berry, Triple Chocolate or Vanilla Caramel. Each 28.5-oz container is $3.99.

aldi gelato mixed berry

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  1. Just saw shelves of hand sanitizer …11+ ounces for $3.29. Looked good until I saw “MADE IN CHINA” on the label. No Thanks…

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