New Summer Candles are Coming to Aldi, and We Want Coconut Vanilla Waffle Cone

Four new Aldi summer candles are on the way!

Aldi really had us spoiled this spring, when they came out with three collections of candles basically back-to-back, but it has felt like a drought since then. Only one collection has been released since April.

Until now.

Aldi has delighted its candle fans by releasing four new scents! These candles are due in the Aisle of Shame on July 15.

Aldi Summer Candles

Aldi Summer Candles Calypso Sands

The first candle in the new lineup is named Calypso Sands. That doesn’t speak much to what it’s going to smell like, but it’s pink and the label features a tropical scene. Hmmm….

Coconut Waffle Cone Candle

Next up is the one at the top of our shopping list: Coconut Vanilla Waffle Cone. Coconut. Vanilla. Waffle. Cone. We’re here for it. Aldi is currently featuring a bunch of coconut items in store, so this candle will extend our coconut-loving dreams another week.

Aldi Summer Candles Sweet Peach

Here’s another sweet summer scent – Sweet Peach. We’re thinking we’re going to definitely need this one, too.

Summer Rain Candle

And finally, Aldi always brings at least one clean scent to the candle party. This time it looks like it’s going to be Summer Rain.

If you haven’t tried Aldi’s Huntington Home 3-wick candles before, you should know they get rave reviews. They are the same size and concept as the uber-popular Bath & Body Works Candles, at about 1/5th the price. That’s right, these 14-ounce candles sell for just $3.99 each.

If you’re interested in seeing what scents have been sold at Aldi in the past, here’s our Aldi candle list.

Many of the members of our Aisle of Shame Facebook Group have been reporting that their stores have shifted to stocking the scented candles in the same aisle as personal care and cleaning supplies at their stores, and we have experienced the same at the store we shop most frequently. So, if you don’t see these Aldi summer candles in the Aisle of Shame, look in the cleaning aisle!

Which summer scent will you buy first?

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