Get The West Elm Look For Less With These Aldi Woven Baskets!

You can get a high-end home look with bargain finds like these Aldi Woven Baskets!

People are often surprised when they visit our home and find out that many of our decor items are from Aldi. Just looking around my living room, you’ll find Aldi curtains, rugs, throw pillows, lanterns, candles … and the list goes on!

But experienced Aldi shoppers know not to sleep on the home decor items. From the uber popular teal cabinet, to fall decor, to plush bedding, there is always something new to find for your home in the Aisle of Shame.

Coming up for the week of Nov. 4 (Nov 1 in stores with a Sunday ad switchover), there are some great baskets with a high end look.

aldi woven baskets

In fact, we’re finding these baskets are similar to the look of some at West Elm stores. And of course, the West Elm baskets cost way more money!

aldi woven baskets

Like the West Elm woven rope baskets, these Aldi baskets come in gray or ivory. But while the West Elm baskets cost $100 each, these Aldi baskets come in at just $14.99!

The Huntington Home Woven Rope Baskets at Aldi are available in a large size, which measures 13.5″ x 10.5″, for $14.99 each. There is also a set of smaller baskets – 1 medium and 2 small – for $14.99.

We can think of so many uses for these Aldi woven baskets! How would you use them?

aldi woven ivory basket

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