How to Get Free Pallets at Lowes?

If you’re looking for pallets, you may wonder whether you can get free pallets at your local Lowes store. Here is all you need to know about getting pallets at Lowes.

Lowes give away free Pallets

Are Pallets Free At Lowes?

Lowes gives free pallets to its customers. However, not all Lowes stores provide free pallets as some recycle them as part of their sustainability program. So, you have to ask the store in advance if they can provide you with some. You can also enquire about the availability of free pallets at your local Lowes store by calling ahead of your visit.

Even though the pallets placed behind Lowes stores are free, it is advisable to request its staff for them instead of taking them without their permission. You can be convicted of shoplifting if caught taking the pallets without Lowes permission. 

What Kind of Pallets Does Lowes Have?

Lowe’s has many pallets, including wooden, plastic, and metallic ones. Most of these pallets come from the shipment of merchandise to their stores across the US. You can get recycled pallets if you’re looking for a sustainable option.

Lowes has a large selection of display pallets, in various sizes and shapes. The average size of the pallets is 42 by 48 inches. Lowes also has different pallet sizes depending on their use and display types, such as under the rack, side-stack, and middle aisle stack-outs.

While Lowes may offer pallets for free, some pallets, such as metallic shipping ones, belong to the manufacturer. So, Lowes cannot dispose of them but need to return them to avoid losses on their part.

How to Get Free Pallets at Lowes?

If you’re looking for free pallets, the best way to get one is by asking the staff or management at your nearest Lowes store. If there are any available pallets marked for disposal, they’ll let you take them home. You can also call your local Lowes store to know if they have any free pallets to give away.

Lowes will give you all their unwanted pallets, including wooden ones. By giving these items for free, Lowes saves on storage space and reduces disposal costs.

After getting free pallets from Lowes, you’ll have to use your own means of transport to take them where you need them. Lowes does not provide transportation for free pallets, whether paid or otherwise.

Can You Buy Pallets From Lowes?

Lowes does not sell pallets, although you can get wood from the store to make your own pallets. However, you can get other types of pallets such as sod grass and mulch pallets from Lowes.

If you want a great selection of wood and intend on using them for a long time, consider purchasing pallets from a local supplier instead. You will also want to ensure that the wood is free of defects or rot before purchasing.

How Much Are Pallets At Lowes?

Although Lowes does not sell the normal transport pallets, you can buy others, such as sod grass pallets, for $584. You can get wooden, metallic, and plastic pallets from hardware stores, furniture stores, Target, Walmart, and Home Depot stores. On average, pallets sell for $120, depending on their material and size.

What Does Lowes Do With Their Pallets?

Lowes sometimes gives some of its old pallets for free to customers who need them in some of its stores. Lowes also recycles and reuses its old pallets.

To maintain its sustainability efforts, Lowes uses reverse logistics to repair and re-use pallets. Doing this helps preserve natural resources and protect the environment.

According to Lowes, most of their pallets move across over 1000 store locations where the wood is recycled and used to transport merchandise across its stores. Lowes also encourages its staff to repair and recycle old pallets to reduce disposal costs and the costs of procuring new ones.


Does Lowes deliver pallets of mulch?

Yes, Lowes does deliver pallets of mulch. They use a fleet of trucks specially designed for this purpose. You can buy the mulch pallets in-store or order them online and have them delivered to your desired location. Lowes mulch delivery fee starts at $59.

Does Lowes sell pallets of sod?

You can buy sod pallets at Lowes. There are different types of pallets for different types of sod. Lowes sod pallets are available for $584 and include free delivery.

Can you return pallets to Lowes?

You cannot return pallets to Lowes. If your pallets get damaged, the best thing to do is repair and recycle them.

Can you buy liquidation pallets from Lowes?

Lowes sells liquidation pallets that contain an assortment of goods returned by its customers. You can buy various goods through online liquidation auctions held by B-Stock. The liquidation auctions lets you buy the merchandise in boxes, pallets, or truckloads at reduced prices.

What other companies offer free pallets?

You can find free pallets at some big-box retailers, including Home Depot, Walmart, and Target. Alternatively, you can get free pallets from other businesses that deal in bulk merchandise, such as furniture and hardware stores.


You can get free pallets from select Lowes stores. To get them, you need to request the staff at your nearest Lowes store or talk to the store manager.

Lowes has an assortment of wooden, metallic, and plastic pallets. You cannot take any pallets stacked behind Lowes store without permission, as this is taken as stealing or shoplifting. However, not all pallets at Lowes are free, as some metallic ones need returning to the manufacturers.


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