How Much Does Lowe’s Charge For Carpet Installation?

If you’re in the market for some new carpeting, then you’re probably shopping around to find out where you can get the best deals on both materials and installation.

Lowe’s has offered free installation on their carpets throughout the years, but are they still offering this complimentary service? Keep reading to find out!

Lowe’s Free Carpet Installation

Is Lowe’s Carpet Installation Really Free?

Unfortunately, while Lowe’s has offered a few limited-time promotions on free carpet installation in the past, the 2022 promotion officially ended on July 13th.

In order to take advantage of the free installation, shoppers needed to spend at least $499 on carpet and carpet padding at Lowe’s. Currently, Lowe’s is no longer offering free carpet installation.

While it’s always possible (and fairly likely) that Lowe’s will offer free carpet installation again at some point, it’s unclear when or if that will happen.

That said, you can still take advantage of Lowe’s carpet installation services anytime you purchase carpeting at this popular home improvement store. Lowe’s also sells many other types of flooring, including vinyl and hardwood flooring.

Keep reading to find out all about Lowe’s carpet installation.

How Much Does Lowe’s Charge For Carpet Installation?

The price you’ll pay to have your carpet installed through Lowe’s will vary depending on the type and amount of carpet you purchase.

The total cost of the installation will be comprised of the cost of the carpeting, carpet padding, and labor.

In order to receive a quote for your carpet installation, you’ll need to first choose which type of carpet you want, and then schedule a measurement appointment. During your measurement, a professional independent installer will visit your home to measure your space and assess your flooring needs. Once these measurements have been taken and fully assessed, you’ll receive your quote.

The cost of carpeting plus installation can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the size of your space.

Lowe’s conveniently offers financing options for those who can’t quite afford to pay in full for their carpeting and installation.

Carpet Brands Pricing

Unfortunately, shoppers can’t preview true carpet prices through Lowe’s without scheduling a measurement and receiving a quote.

Shoppers can browse carpet samples, which are all priced at $1 per sample.

Some of the carpet brands sold at Lowe’s include Stainmaster, Mohawk, Style Selections, Shaw, and Phenix.

Average Labor Cost For Carpet Installation

According to Home Advisor, the average range of carpet installation labor costs (not including the cost of materials) is $786-$2,800. 

The cost of getting carpet installed by Lowe’s varies greatly depending on your unique circumstances, so it’s not easy to compare it directly with the national average. However, several sources claim that carpet installation (including cost of materials) costs between $4 and $6 per square foot at Lowe’s, while the national average for carpeting plus installation ranges from $3 to $6 per square foot.

So, according to this info, we can assume that the cost of Lowe’s carpet installation fits within the national average costs.

Carpet Installation Cost Calculator

Unfortunately, Lowe’s doesn’t make it easy to calculate how much your carpeting and installation costs will be without choosing a carpet brand and scheduling a measurement with a pro installer.

But here, we’ll do our best to gather some estimates for you to help you get a feel for how much you can expect to pay.

Based on the averages we found, here’s what you can expect to pay to carpet a few different sizes of spaces when you go through Lowe’s for your carpet needs.

(Remember, these are the labor costs alone and do not include the cost of materials!)

Size of space Estimated labor cost
10’ x 12’ room $120
200 sq. foot office or mobile home $200
500 sq. foot apartment $500
1000 sq. foot home $1000
2000 sq. foot home $2000

Is It Cheaper To Install The Carpet Yourself?

If you’re someone who isn’t afraid to dive into a DIY project, then installing your new carpeting yourself is definitely something to consider.

While it does require some careful planning, measuring, and acquiring some specialized tools, installing your own carpet is totally possible. And no one would ever even know!

The best part is that installing your new carpeting yourself can save you anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars!

If you’re interested, check out this video on how to install your own carpeting!

How Does Lowe’s Carpet Installation Work?

If you’re set on getting your carpet installed through Lowe’s, then follow these steps!

  1. Visit Lowe’s carpet installation page
  2. Browse carpet samples to help you decide which carpeting you love the most
  3. Schedule your measurement appointment
  4. Receive your quote
  5. Schedule your installation

It’s that simple!

Although the Lowe’s website does not specify this, it’s our understanding that their professional installers will also remove your old carpeting as part of the cost and process of installation.

If you’re wondering what to expect from the process of carpet installation, here’s a general look at how the process works:

  1. A team of independent carpet installers hired by Lowe’s will arrive at your home at a previously scheduled date and time
  2. If any furniture needs to be moved, the installers can take care of this for an additional charge (costs will vary)
  3. The installation team will then go about the work of removing and clearing out your old carpeting
  4. Once the old carpeting is removed, the installers will install your new carpeting
  5. When the process is done, the installation team will clean up the space, ensuring that there is no dust or debris left behind
  6. If needed, the team will assist in replacing furniture that was moved
  7. Before leaving, the team will provide you with your invoice and advise you on how best to care for and maintain your carpeting

Carpet installation can take varying amounts of time, depending on how much of your home you’re having carpeted. If your entire home is being re-carpeted, then it’s best to set aside a full day (6-8 hours) for the installers to do their job. Unless your home is excessively large, it’s unlikely that the installation will take more than one day.

Lowe’s Carpet Installation Reviews

Unfortunately, while Lowe’s does offer fairly low prices on carpeting plus the convenience of coordinating your installation with a team of professional installers, they don’t have very good reviews on their carpet installation services to say the least.

One Reddit user in particular had a pretty negative experience working with Lowe’s on their carpet installation:

Lowe’s Carpet Installation Reviews

Unfortunately, we found even more scary reviews on Reddit

Lowe’s Carpet Installation Review 1

To top it all off, here are some glaring stats from Flooring Report, showing that of nearly 50 people who reviewed Lowe’s carpet installation services, only 4% of those customers would recommend the service. (That’s only 2 people!) 


Does Lowes do commercial carpet installation?

Yes. For samples of Lowe’s commercial carpeting, click here.

Does Lowe’s carpet price include installation?

No. The cost of materials is separate from the cost of installation. When you receive your quote, you will be able to see the breakdown of estimated materials costs plus installation costs.

Does Lowes rent out carpet installation tools?

Yes! If you’re interested in installing your carpeting yourself, Lowe’s rents carpet installation tools through their nationwide tool rental program.

How long do carpets last?

This depends. Generally speaking, carpets should be replaced every 5 to 15 years. If your carpets experience heavy traffic or are installed in a place where there is excessive dirt or other messes, then you will likely want to replace your carpeting sooner than if your carpeting is only lightly used.

Is there a warranty on Lowe’s carpet installation?

Yes. Lowe’s offers a 1-year labor warranty on all carpet installations.

What’s the cheapest carpet you can buy?

Lowe’s and Home Depot are both widely known as two of the cheapest places to buy carpet.

Who offers free carpet installation?

Home Depot offers free installation on carpet purchases of $699 or more.

Does Lowe’s install Stainmaster for free?

No. Lowe’s used to offer a promotion on Stainmaster carpet which included free installation, but Lowe’s no longer offers free installation on any of their carpet brands.


Well, there you have it. It might not be the prettiest review ever. But it’s better to know now than after you get too far into the project, right? While Lowe’s offers some of the cheapest prices around on carpeting and installation, they unfortunately have a pretty terrible reputation with their customers when it comes to carpeting installation services.

With free carpet installation, pro installation teams, and equally cheap prices, Home Depot easily beats out Lowe’s as a flooring retailer when it comes to getting new carpet. That said, it’s also worth looking at places that specialize in flooring, like carpet stores and flooring emporiums.

While you might spend a little more, you can be sure you’ll get quality services and top-tier materials. Plus, supporting your local carpet store might feel like a bonus on its own over shopping at one of the big box stores.

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