Does Target Sell Butane Refills? (Alternatives)

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Butane refills are a growing trend in the United States as a highly reliable and recommended source of gas for cigarette lighters, camping stoves, and barbecues.

Over 50% of Americans have tried butane refills at least once, and if you’re looking to stock up on butane refills, you’ve probably asked yourself: “Does Target sell butane refills?”

Read on to find out what we’ve discovered thus far!


Target butane refill

Convenience stores typically sell small canisters of butane that you can use to refill lighters. The canisters are usually located near the cash register.

On the other hand, hardware stores sell large canisters of butane to refill lighters and other devices. The canisters are usually located in the aisle with other camping and outdoor supplies.

Here are some places you can go to get your butane refill:

  • CVS Pharmacy: this store sells butane refills for  $1 per ounce.
  • Walmart: you can get butane refills at  $3.96 for a 5.82 oz can.
  • Walgreens: This drugstore chain also sells butane refills at around $8.99 for 5.77 ounces.
  • Home Depot: it sells butane refills at about $5 for 5.5 ounces.

Butane refills are usually priced between $2 and $10, but this can differ depending on where you buy and the ounces you want to refill. Some sellers may charge more for their refills than others, so it is essential to shop around before purchasing. However, refilling your butane is cheaper than buying new lighters that cost about $20 each.

What Does Target Sell Instead Of Butane Refills?

Target sells a lighter fluid called “Zippo” and “Windproof,” similar to butane, that can be used in refillable lighters.

If lighter fluid isn’t your thing, consider picking up some propane gas cylinders instead! They’re refillable and cost less over time. Plus, they come in different sizes so.

Can Butane And Lighter Fluid Be Used Interchangeably?

The short answer is: no, and here’s why!

Butane is a gas, while lighter fluid is a liquid. When you use butane to start your grill, the gas turns into a liquid and burns as it reaches the heat source. It creates an instant flame that’s hot enough to ignite whatever you’re trying to cook. On the other hand, Lighter fluid burns slower because it doesn’t turn into a gas when exposed to heat as butane does.

How to Refill a Butane Lighter

Butane lighters are incredibly convenient and easy to use, but they can be tricky to refill. Follow these steps to fill your butane lighter and keep it in good working order.

  1. Remove the safety cap from the lighter by gently prying it off with your thumb. 
  2. Screw off the top of the lighter and remove the filling tool from the inside.
  3. Insert a clean, empty butane canister into the filling tool and screw it onto the lighter body. Make sure you’re using a new, empty canister—an old one won’t work well enough!
  4. Gently press down on both sides of the top while holding down on the button until it clicks into place (about 10 seconds). That’s all there is to it!

Watch the video for more details.

Can The Lighter Be Refilled With Butane Gas?

Yes! You can refill the lighter with butane gas!

Once you have purchased butane gas, remove the top of your lighter and fill it up to the top of the meter on the left side. Then, screw the cap back on and push it down firmly to seal tightly. 

Can Minors Buy Butane?

No. You can only buy Butane if you are over 18 years old. In most states, you will need to show an ID when purchasing butane, and it is illegal to buy butane on behalf of someone else.

How do you know if your lighter is butane?

The first thing to look for is the brand of lighter. Zippo, Ronson, and Dunhill usually make butane lighters (to name a few). You can also check your lighter’s fuel tank if it contains a white substance that looks like ice cream or cottage cheese.

Here are additional signs that your lighter is butane:

  • It has a refillable tank that holds butane fuel.
  • It has an adjustable flame level control knob.
  • It has an extra-long nozzle to help keep it away from your fingers while lighting up.


How many cartridges are in a butane lighter fluid?

Well, it depends on the size of your lighter. Butane lighters come in two sizes: small and large.

  • Refillable containers hold between 0.5 and 1 liter (about 1 quart) of fuel at any given time, depending on the make and model of the lighter itself.
  • Non-refillable lighters are usually smaller and easier to carry around in pockets or purses. They hold about 0.3 liters (about 1/2 quart) at any given time,

Are there different sizes of butane nozzles?

There are different butane nozzles, and they’re used for various purposes. Here are some general guidelines:

  • If you have a small torch, use a small nozzle.
  • If you have a medium torch, use a medium nozzle.
  • If you have a large torch, use a large nozzle.

Can you put propane in a butane burner?

No. You can’t put propane in a butane burner. It’s dangerous and could result in injury or death. Butane and propane are flammable gases, so putting one into another could result in an explosion.

Do gas stations sell torch lighters?

Torch lighters are not sold in gas stations. Torch lighters are designed to be used with butane, and most gas stations don’t keep butane on hand.

If you want to purchase a torch lighter, you should go directly to a store that sells smoking paraphernalia.

How do you know when the butane torch is full?

  1. Check the pressure gauge on top of the tank. If it’s below half full, you’ll need to add more butane before using your torch again.
  2. Look for a leaky valve at the bottom of the tank or near where it attaches to the hose. If there’s a leak, you’ll need to add more butane.

Do you shake butane before filling?

No. Butane is a flammable liquid that can cause damage to your pen if it’s not stored correctly. When you shake it, you’re introducing air into the butane and making it more volatile. It means that the next time you use the pen, there’s a much higher chance of combustion.


Target does not sell butane products in-store and online. However, you can use propane gas cylinders and lighter fluids as alternatives. It is always advised to be careful when dealing with butane as it is flammable and could harm you and your family.

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