Where To Buy Target Gift Cards? (Besides Target)

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Target GiftCards are currently sold at the following locations:

  • RiteAid
  • Walgreens
  • Kroger (in store and online)
  • Fred Meyer
  • QFC
  • Safeway
  • Staples (in store and online)
  • PayPal (online)

Note: While Target’s website claims that Target GiftCards are available at CVS Pharmacy, we found an abundance of conflicting information online. As of 2022, most sources point to CVS as no longer being a supplier of Target GiftCards.

A Target GiftCard comes in a few different forms, including physical gift cards and eGiftCards. These gift cards are prepaid with a set amount of money and allow shoppers to redeem this amount for goods and services in Target stores, on Target.com, as well as in places like Target Optical, the Target Pharmacy, or even at Starbucks locations inside of Target stores.



How To Purchase Target Gift Cards At Checkout

Most stores that sell gift cards place them close to their checkout counters. At places like Safeway and Kroger, you will typically find a rack of gift cards near the checkout counter that you can easily add to your transaction even at the last minute. 

Many grocery stores also sell multi-packs of gift cards in case you’re interested in stocking up and buying in bulk.

How To Buy Target Gift Cards Online

There are plenty of different ways to buy Target GiftCards online. We will offer four options below.

You can buy Target GiftCards online through Kroger here, including both eGiftCards and physical cards.

Staples sells Target GiftCards (delivered via email and printable at home) here.

Target GiftCards are also purchaseable through PayPal in any amount between $10 and $100.

And of course, Target GiftCards of any type can always be purchased via Target.com here or in person at any Target location.

Does Target Have eGift Cards?

In addition to physical gift cards, Target also sells eGiftCards. You can buy eGiftCards the same way you would buy a physical gift card online.

If you are purchasing through a third-party seller like Kroger, simply select the eGiftCard option during checkout.

If you are purchasing through Target.com, follow these simple steps to purchase an eGiftCard:

  1. Visit the Target GiftCards page.
  2. Select the gift card you wish to purchase.
  3. Select your gift card value amount where prompted.
  4. Choose your delivery method:
    • Email: If you choose “email” as your delivery method, your Target eGiftCard will be sent via email, usually within 4 hours. You can also schedule delivery for up to three months in advance.
    • Mobile: If you select “mobile” as your delivery method, a Mobile Target GiftCard will be sent via text message to a data-enabled mobile device, usually within 4 hours. You can also schedule delivery for up to three months in advance.
    • Mail: If you select “mail” as your delivery method, you will recieve a physical gift card, not an eGiftCard.
  5. Select “Add to cart.”
  6. Select “View cart & check out” to proceed with checkout.
  7. Review your information and edit if needed.
  8. Select “I’m ready to check out.”
  9. Follow prompts on screen to complete order.

Where Can You Use Target Gift Cards?

Target Gift Cards are only accepted at Target Stores and on Target.com, as well as in Target-affiliated locations such as Target Optical, Target Pharmacy, and at Starbucks locations inside of Target stores.

Target Gift Cards can be used to buy anything from food to toys to electronics to clothing.

The only things you cannot purchase with a Target gift card are more gift cards. Target GiftCards are even valid for purchases on alcohol.


What stores don’t sell Target gift cards?

There are many stores and retailers that do not sell Target gift cards, including Walmart and Amazon.

Where do I get the access number for my Target gift card?

To find your Target GiftCard access number, simply follow these steps:
Access your Target account on Target.com. (Note: Target GiftCard access numbers cannot currently be requested in the Target App.

  • Click on the “Account/Name” tab.
  • Select “Gift cards.”

Find the Target GiftCard you wish to use, and then select “Get access number.”

  • Your Target GiftCard access number will be emailed to the email tied to your Target.com account.

What is the difference between a Target eGiftCard and Mobile Target GiftCard?

According to Target’s website, “A Mobile Target GiftCard is a gift card sent to a mobile phone number. The mobile device needs to be web enabled as the gift card is accessible by a link. These GiftCards can only be used by accessing them through a mobile phone.

A Target eGiftCard is an electronic gift card sent to an email address. These eGiftCards include a bar code that can be scanned in store and can also be used on Target.com.”

Both of these gift card types serve the same function and are purchased the same way. The only difference is their delivery method, which determines how the recipient will access their gift card funds.

Can you use Target gift card to buy another gift card?

No. Target gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards.


Gift cards make shopping for even the pickiest people super easy. To purchase a Target GiftCard of any type, you can check out stores like Safeway, Kroger, and Staples or you can purchase gift cards online through PayPal, Kroger.com, or Target.com

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