Can Target Gift Cards Be Returned? 

Returning gift cards is a super easy process that’s been initiated by many businesses to help customers who might not be satisfied with the gift card they received or who didn’t make use of it at all. The process entails contacting the retailer or visiting the store with your gift card to get a refund. Below, we’ll dwell on whether Target accepts their gift cards to be returned. Read on;

Target Gift Card Return Policy
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Can Target Gift Cards Be Returned? 

Target gift cards cannot be returned if purchased after 10th January 2020. They cannot also be redeemed for credit or cash. However, if you purchased a physical gift card before 10th January 2020, you can visit any of Target’s physical stores, and it’ll be returned as long as the receipt is not used. Target eGiftcards and Mobile Target gift cards cannot be returned regardless of the date of purchase.

Some of the gift cards you can return to Target include;

  • American Express
  • Master Card
  • Visa

Target gift cards are only redeemable for cash if the law finds it necessary. As such, you’ll only get your money back after returning your gift card if you live in a territory that has a cashback policy. Some of these territories include California, Oregon, Montana, Maine, Puerto Rico, Colorado, and New Jersey.

What Is Target’s Return Policy for Specialty Gift Cards?

Target Specialty gift cards cannot be returned unless required by law. You should contact customer service for more clarification on this before returning your specialty gift card.

What Are Target’s Specialty Gift Cards? 

Target Specialty gift cards are gift cards used to purchase a particular product. For example, if you received a gift card for a specific beauty brand that can only be redeemed at Target’s beauty counters, it is a speciality gift card.

To buy a Specialty Gift Card, please visit the Target store near you or shop online at

How to Return a Target Gift Card 

To return a Target gift card:

  • Contact the retailer or visit a Target store to start the return process.
  • Present your gift card and receipt, if possible.
  • If the gift card was purchased before 10th January 2020, you might get rid of it. If not, the retailer will either replace it or give you a refund or credit. You can also choose to use your gift card at any Target store.

When Target gift cards are returned, the refund is made the same way the payment was made. For example, if you paid using a credit card, the refund will be processed to your credit card account. The refund can also be made in the form of a check, gift card, or Target store credit. The returned gift card is then voided and can no longer be used.

Can You Return a Gift Card to Target Without Receipt? 

No, you need a receipt to return a Target gift card if you purchased it before 10th January 2020. It’s hard to get a refund if you don’t have the receipt but still purchased it before 10th January 2020.

Can You Return an Item Bought with A Target Gift Card? 

If you purchase an item using a Target gift card and wish to return the item, you can refund the item as a normal item, and you will receive a refund on the Target gift card you used. If you return an item, the refund cannot be made to another card. Also, the items should be unused for you to get a refund.

An item can only be returned if unused and in new condition. Also, items should be returned within 90 days of purchasing to get a refund. Target has noted some refund exceptions on some products on the item description, their website, the packing slip, and the receipt. Items like electronics, Apple products, and entertainment items, for instance, have a shorter return period.

Target allows some items to be returned without a receipt. However, there are some you need to have a receipt like Target-owned brand items, international purchases, Target RedCard purchases, holiday and limited-time-only collections, and any purchases made at Target Tech, Starbucks, CVS Pharmacy, or Optical.

Items like unsealed breast pumps, digital downloads, personalized items, defective collectibles, Target gift cards, Specialty gift cards, and prepaid gift cards cannot be returned. Still, some items can only be exchanged if opened. These include video games, music, movies, and airbeds.

Your refund will be sent to the form of payment you used when purchasing the products. If you used more than one form, the refund would go to each of them. If you initiated the refund online and used your Target gift card or Paypal as a mode of payment, the refund will go to a new Target eGiftCard. If you don’t have the card to which the refund should be sent, reach out to the person who issued the card to tell you how you can get the refund. 


Can You Buy Something with a Gift Card and Return it for Cash at Target? 

You cannot buy something at Target and return it for cash. You can only get a refund on any purchases you make at Target in the same way you paid for the items.

Can You Return a Third-party Gift Card to Target?  

No, you cannot return a third-party gift card to Target. Target doesn’t accept returns of any third-party gift cards. You’ll need to get in touch with the issuer of the third-party gift card for a refund.

Can You Return a Target Gift Card for Cash?  

You cannot return Target gift cards for cash unless the law requires it. If you have a Target gift card and wish to return it, you’ll get a refund on another gift card you choose.

What Should You Do with an Unwanted Target Gift Card?  

If you have an unwanted Target gift card, you can sell it or exchange it for other gift cards. Visit the store to find the nearest place to do this, depending on the location.


Returns are a part of shopping, and Target makes it easy to return items you don’t need or want. If you have a gift card that you don’t need and purchased it after 10th January 2020, you can return it to the store for a refund or use it towards another purchase. But, you can exchange it for another gift, so don’t dispose it.

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