Can You Return Underwear At Target?

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It’s easy to wonder whether returning underwear is possible. Especially in the post-Covid era, you never know what’s going to be considered safe and acceptable for retailers. Thankfully, Target has one of the most flexible and generous return policies out there, and returning underwear is no exception.

Target underwear

As long as your items meet the parameters of Target’s return policy, then Target absolutely accepts returns on underwear.

The basic requirements of the return policy include:

  • Items must be returned within 90 days (unless they were purchased with a Target RedCard, in which case they can be returned within 120 days, or unless they are from a Target-owned brand, in which case they can be returned within 1 year)
  • Items must be returned with a receipt or alternative proof of purchase such as a packing slip or return barcode
  • Items must not be used, damaged, or opened if applicable

When it comes to underwear, it’s pretty simple. You can return your underwear to Target as long as the return window hasn’t passed and as long as you can present a proof of purchase. If you are not able to present a proof of purchase, you might still be able to get a refund, but it’s likely that you will be compensated in the form of a gift card or store merchandise card.

What Types of Underwear Can You Return?

Any type of underwear or clothing can be returned to Target as long as it is not damaged, used, or opened. This includes lingerie, bras, swimsuits, and all other types of undergarments.

The conditions of the underwear must meet the following criteria in order to be returned:

  • The underwear must be new and unworn
  • The underwear cannot be used or washed
  • If the underwear was packaged upon purchase, the packaging must be unopened
  • The customer must be able to present a receipt or alternative proof of purchase

For hygiene reasons, Target does not accept returns on underwear that are:

  • Used (even if they have been washed)
  • Dirty
  • Opened
  • Damaged

Steps To Return Underwear To Target

Returning underwear to Target is surprisingly easy as long as your underwear meets the requirements stated above.

To return your underwear to Target:

  • Arrive at any Target store with your item, receipt, or other proof of purchase
  • Find the guest services counter and explain that you would like to return your item
  • The employee or manager will have the right to decide whether or not to accept your return
  • If your return is accepted, you will be refunded for the full price you paid for your item

For online purchases, you will still be able to complete your return, but this will have to happen through the mail. To initiate a return for an item purchased online, simply follow these step-by-step instructions provided by

How To Return Underwear Without Receipt?

Even without a receipt, you might still be able to return your underwear to Target, but there are limitations. If you return your item to a Target store within 24 hours of purchase, you will not be expected to present a receipt as the store will still have an active record of your purchase. However, if you return your item any later than 24 hours after purchase, you will be expected to provide proof of purchase.

Target accepts three forms of proof of purchase: receipts, return barcodes, or packing slips. If you do not have any of these, your return may be denied.

There are certain cases in which Target employees will still grant returns even if no proof of purchase can be presented; however, it is likely that you will only receive a partial refund and that you will be refunded via a gift card or store merchandise card rather than being refunded to your original form of payment. This will be up to the discretion of the Target employee you speak to or their store manager.

Can You Return Underwear To Target After 90 Days?

You can absolutely still return underwear to Target after the 90-day time limit in some situations. First of all, any Target-owned brand items are eligible for return within 1 year of purchase (including Auden, a popular Target-owned brand that produces underwear). Also, most items purchased with a Target RedCard are eligible for return for 120 days. If your purchase does not fit either of these parameters, it’s still possible that you will be granted a return. Simply visit your local Target location and speak to guest services to find out whether you qualify.

How Will You Receive Your Refund?

How you receive your refund depends on a few different factors. If you meet all of the stated return requirements (proof of purchase, item is undamaged, etc.), then it is likely that you will receive a full refund back to your original form of payment. For example, if you paid in cash, then you will be refunded the full amount in cash. The same is true for credit cards, debit cards, and digital payment methods.

Processing time for returns is generally quite fast. If your refund is being processed through a debit or credit card, you should receive the credit back from Target on the same business day, but you might have to wait 2-3 days for processing time from your bank.

However, if your return does not meet all of the requirements (if you do not have a receipt, for example), then your return will likely be refunded to you in the form of a gift card or store merchandise card. This will be provided to you immediately.

Can You Exchange Your Purchased Underwear At Target?

You can absolutely exchange underwear at Target as long as it meets all of the requirements stated above for returns. Whether you need to exchange it for a different size, style, or even a different item entirely, this should be no problem as long as you can provide a receipt. If you exchange your underwear for an item that is more expensive, you will be expected to pay the difference.


What items cannot be returned to Target?

Items that cannot be returned to Target include:

  • Opened and/or defective collectibles (including sports cards and special edition Barbie dolls)
  • Personalized items
  • Digital downloads
  • Opened or unsealed breast pumps
  • Giftcards
  • Returns without a receipt may be limited based on the discretion of the employees and/or managers

You can view Target’s full list of restrictions on returns and exchanges here.

What is the difference between return and exchange?

Returning an item means that you will be given a full or partial refund either to your original form of payment or in the form of a gift card or store merchandise card. Exchanging an item means that you bring one item back and leave with a different item of the same value. If you exchange your original item for an item of different value, you will either be refunded the difference or you will be expected to pay the difference if your new item is more expensive.

Can you make too many returns to Target?

Target customers can only return up to $100 worth of merchandise within 1 year.

Will Target accept underwear returns without tags?

Yes. Clothing does not need to have its original tags to be returned to Target.

What if you accidentally purchased underwear in the wrong size?

Returning underwear to Target is simple as long as you complete your return within the designated time window and keep your original receipt or other valid proof of purchase. Keeping tags can also be helpful, but it is not necessary to complete a return at Target.

Can you return feminine products to target?

Most items that are unopened and have their purchase receipt or other valid proof of purchase can be returned to Target, including feminine products such as tampons or pads. If these items have been opened or used, they will not be accepted as returns.


As with most things at Target, returning underwear is actually super easy. As long as your underwear is clean, unworn, and undamaged, and as long as you can provide a valid proof of purchase, you shouldn’t have any problem at all returning or exchanging your underwear at Target.

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