Do Target Stores Have Wi-Fi? (Network Name)

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We’ve all been there. We’re out and about and we need to connect to Wi-Fi, but we’re not sure where we can get access. Maybe you ran out of minutes this month on your data plan or maybe you just like conserving your data usage. Whatever the reason may be, keep reading to find out whether Target offers Wi-Fi.

Target wifi

Target’s does offer free Wi-Fi in-store, the network is known as Target Wireless, and you can read all of their Terms and Conditions here. But to make it a bit simpler, we’ll give you a quick breakdown of everything you need to know about using Target Wireless.

Does Target’s Wi-Fi Require A Password?

Target’s in-store Wi-Fi service does not require a password. It is an open network, and all shoppers are welcome to use the service while inside of Target stores. You will be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions when connecting, and then you will be given access to the internet.

Target Wi-Fi Restrictions

The following activities are prohibited when using Target Wireless:

  • Transmitting or receiving any material or communication that is malicious, unlawful, fraudulent, obscene, indecent, etc.
  • Violating intellectual property or privacy rights
  • Transmitting or receiving any virus, worm, Trojan horse, Easter egg, time bomb, spyware, etc.

Target reserves the right to block access to any material it deems inappropriate or to terminate any individual’s access to this service at any time.

How To Connect To Target’s Wi-Fi

Connecting to Target’s complimentary in-store Wi-Fi is simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. Enable your device’s wireless feature
  2. From the list of networks that appear, select “Target Guest” (the name might show up as “Target Wireless” or “Target Wireless Guest” depending on your location)
  3. Wait for the Terms and Conditions page to pop up on your screen
  4. Read through the Terms and Conditions
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “I Agree”
  6. You will see the Wi-Fi indicator symbol change to signify that you are now connected to the internet

Troubleshooting Guide 

If you are having trouble connecting to Target’s Wi-Fi, try these simple troubleshooting methods:

  1. Restart your phone or device and retry the steps listed above
  2. Check to make sure you selected “Target Guest” (there could be other Target Wi-Fi networks available that are reserved for employees or store systems that rely on Wi-Fi)
  3. Ask a Target employee to help you connect to the Wi-Fi

Is Target’s Wi-Fi Safe?

Whether or not Target’s Wi-Fi is safe depends on your definition of cybersecurity. Based on the Terms and Conditions we went over above, it does sound like there are quite a few risks associated with using Target’s Wi-Fi. First of all, there is no privacy or security guarantee when using this service, meaning that everything you do online while connected to Target Wireless (unless you’re using an encrypted device or service) can be tracked and monitored by Target. This might change some people’s minds when it comes to deciding whether or not to use Target Wireless.

Also, keep in mind that once you have connected to Target Wireless at one location, you will automatically be connected anytime you enter any other Target store in the future. If you do not wish to be connected to Target Wireless (remember: your activities and communications will be monitored when you’re connected), you will have to manually disconnect from Target Wireless any time you enter a Target store.

Does Target Have Good Wi-Fi?

Target is regarded as having generally decent Wi-Fi, with a rate of 1.868 Mbps (that’s megabytes per second). This isn’t quite as fast as some other retail Wi-Fi services, but it’s definitely not bad. A few stores that rank a bit better for Wi-Fi speed include Lowe’s Home Improvement, Best Buy, and Starbucks.

Can You Buy Wi-Fi At Target?

Trying to get your own Wi-Fi network set up at home or at work? Target can help with that! This retailer sells a whole host of accessories and essential tools for getting your high-speed internet set up at home. For a look at Target’s full collection of Wi-Fi and Networking products, click here.

Some of the types of products Target sells in this category include:

  • Wi-Fi routers
  • Modems
  • Router/modem combos
  • Network switches
  • Wi-Fi range extenders
  • Wireless access points
  • Ethernet cables

Highlights of Target Wireless

  • Target Wireless may not be accessible from all Target locations
  • Target Wireless may not be accessible for all wireless devices
  • Target Wireless has a “use at your own risk” disclaimer, and Target does not claim any responsibility for security or privacy breaches that may arise while using Target Wireless
  • Target Wireless is not encrypted or secured in any way
  • Target Wireless users are responsible for assessing and safeguarding their own risk as well as assessing the legality of any activities they engage in online while using this service
  • Target has the right to monitor and/or screen your communications and activities while using this service
  • Target may access, preserve, or disclose any information gathered in the monitoring or screening of your communications or activities to ensure that you are abiding by the Terms and Conditions
  • Target does not guarantee your privacy or confidentiality while using Target Wireless
  • Target Wireless automatically collects data from its users concerning utilization, phone type, location, time and duration of stay, etc.
  • The information Target Wireless gathers on its users may be used to assist law enforcement

To learn more about the Target Wireless Privacy Policy, click here.


Does Target provide free Wi-Fi to everyone?

If you are actively shopping inside of a Target store, yes. Target provides free Wi-Fi to all shoppers during their shopping experience.

How do you know if your device is already connected to free Wi-Fi?

To figure out whether your device is already connected to Target’s free Wi-Fi service, simply open up your phone’s settings and click on the “Wi-Fi” option. From there, you will see the name “Target Guest” or “Target Wireless” and either the word “connected” or a checkmark next to the name of the network. You should also see an illuminated Wi-Fi symbol along the top of your phone screen. If this symbol is gray or if it has an exclamation point in the middle of it, then you are not successfully connected.

What devices can you connect with Target’s free Wi-Fi?

Most wireless devices should be able to connect to Target’s free Wi-Fi with no problem. This includes cell phones, computers, smart watches, and tablets.

Does Target have free Wi-Fi in the parking lot?

This is a tough one to answer, and you’ll probably have to test it yourself to find out. While there’s a chance that you might be able to access Target’s Wi-Fi from outside the store, most major retailers make sure not to extend the range of their Wi-Fi networks too far outside of their store walls. But, if you can park close enough, it’s worth a try!

Is there Wi-Fi at Target Starbucks?

Yes. All parts of a Target store will afford you access to free Wi-Fi.


Like most places these days, Target offers its customers complimentary Wi-Fi during their shopping experience. Just make sure you familiarize yourself with the Terms and Conditions before logging on, and don’t use Target Wireless for anything you wouldn’t want someone else to see you doing!

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