When Does Target Offer Military Discounts?

Target does not offer a military discount year round. However, the popular corporation does offer a 10% military and military families discount every November. In 2021, the discount activated on October 31st and was valid through November 13th, representing an expanded window from previous years.

In 2022, the window is expected to be similar, if not even wider. In addition, Target just announced that they are expanding their Military Discount to celebrate independence day. You will be able to get a 10% discount on up to 2 transactions, online or in-store, June 26 through July 4.

According to Veteran.com, Target shoppers can also “add a veteran or military family status to their Target Circle profile—making them eligible for bonus offers. With Target Circle, any member can vote to direct Target’s community giving funds to local military organizations in certain markets.”

Other stores that offer military discounts include CVS, which offers a 20% discount year round on their website, and Dollar General, which offers an 11% discount to veterans and military personnel on the second Wednesday of every month.

Target Military Discount

How To Get Military Discounts At Target

To claim Target’s 10% military discount, shoppers will have to sign up for a Target Circle account and verify their military status. Follow the instructions below to find out how to do this.

How to Add Military Discount To Target Circle

  1. Sign up for Target Circle (this basically just means signing up for an account on Target.com).
  2. Once signed in to your account, click on the account button in the top right corner where it says “Hi, [customer name]!”
  3. In the left column that appears, scroll down to the very bottom and click on “Settings.”
  4. Here, you will see a grid featuring six options.
  5. Click on the bottom right button that says “Get verified” under “I’m a service member or dependent.”

Target Military Discount options

What Are The Target Military Discount Exclusions?

The Target military discount excludes purchases on alcohol, dairy milk, some electronics and video game systems, face masks, and specific toys such as LEGOs, Hasbro Games, and Barbie Dreamhouse.

When Does Target Give Military Discounts?

Target’s military discount typically activates around October 31st or November 1st and extends through Veteran’s Day on November 11th, if not longer.


Is the Target Military and Veteran discount the same?

Yes. Target’s military discount extends to veterans and active military personnel.

Does Target offer military discounts online?

Yes. The Target military discount works online and in store.

Does Target support police for military discounts?

This is unclear. Some sources online claim that Target offers a 10% first responder discount. However, we were not able to verify this through Target. Other sources also offered conflicting information stating that Target does not offer discounts for first responders such as police and EMTs.

Does Target offer discounts to first responders?

We were not able to find reliable information to confirm that Target offers a first responder discount. However, some sources claim that they offer 10% off to first responders.


While Target does not offer a military discount for most of the year, they do offer a 10% discount to veterans and military families during the first couple weeks of November each year to honor the Veterans Day season. To take advantage of this discount, sign in to your Target.com account and verify your military status.

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