What is Target’s Drug Testing Policy?

Target has a strict policy that aims to guarantee the safety and well-being of its workers and customers alike. One way it does this is by ensuring a drug-free working environment.

If you’re applying for a job at Target and wondering if they conduct drug tests, this post will explain everything you need to know.

Does Target Drug Test?

Target, like most other large corporations, has a drug-free policy. To support this, Target enforces a drug testing policy that includes tests administered at the time of hire and random tests for current employees.

Target’s main reason for drug testing is for the safety of customers and employees. They want to ensure that everyone who works there will be safe while performing their duties. Drug testing is also crucial for Target because some employees have to drive or operate machinery.

target drug test

Does Target Drug Test All Their Employees?

Target doesn’t conduct drug tests on all new employees. It focuses on those applying for managerial positions and persons who will be operating machinery.

However, an existing employee must take a drug test if they’re involved in an accident and is culpable. Also, if there’s suspicion that you have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work, you may need to take the test. A manager will be required to submit to random drug tests due to the responsibilities that come with their job.

Cashiers and cart operators are also not subject to drug tests unless the company has a specific reason to suspect that they’re using drugs.

When Does Target Do a Drug Test?

Target conducts drug tests for new employees after giving them a conditional job offer. The company works with Accurate – a third-party staffing agency – to handle the testing process.

Target doesn’t do random drug tests. This means that you will only get tested if there is a reasonable cause. Some instances when drug testing may be needed include:

  • After an accident
  • When an employee seems to be under the influence of drugs at work
  • When Target suspects that an employee has returned to drugs after rehabilitation

Target doesn’t generally require pre-employment drug tests. However, in some cases, a potential employee may be tested for drugs if:

  • The job description requires it as a condition of employment – for example, a truck driver, machine operator, or a manager
  • The candidate presents reasonable suspicion that they may be under the influence of drugs

Often, Target doesn’t test for drugs before they promote staff. They only test when you are moving to a management position or one that requires the ability to work with pharmaceuticals.

What States Do Not Allow Drug Testing?

Most states’ drug testing laws allow employers to test their employees, albeit with some conditions. While some have explicit guidelines on the drug testing process for job applicants and current employees, some states like Texas do not have such laws.

The use of recreational and medicinal marijuana is legal in 18 states. Target’s marijuana testing procedures follow the laws and guidelines of each specific state regarding drug tests.

Target’s Hiring Process

Target has a straightforward online application process and usually takes two days to two weeks. First, you will go through an online application, assessment test, or phone interview. If you pass, you’ll be scheduled for a group or in-person interview.

Target drug tests at the end of the hiring process. The store manager will call you with an offer, and if you accept it, they will tell you where to go for the drug test. You’ll receive a phone call from your store manager to schedule the orientation within a few days of passing your drug test.

How Does Target Do Drug Testing?

Target conducts drug tests in facilities located near its stores. The company uses three types of tests: urine, blood, and hair follicle tests. The most common screening is a urinalysis (UA).

Blood tests are also ideal for drugs screening. Hair follicle testing, though expensive, is ideal for testing for drugs consumed even within the past 90 days or so.

According to the company’s hiring practices, Target tests for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, and opioids. The lab that performs your drug test will send the results to Target. Most results are available within 48 hours of specimen collection in the lab.

How to Pass Your Drug Test at Target

The most important thing to do before your drug test is to know the type of drug test you’ll have. This can be a urinalysis, hair analysis, or blood test.

If you are taking any prescription medications, ensure you bring them on the day of your drug test. They need to be considered when reading the results.

Here are some detoxification tips to get your body ready for the test

  • Drink lots of water
  • Buy a detox drink
  • Exercise regularly
  • Don’t do drugs in the weeks leading up to the test
  • Eat healthy foods and get enough sleep

The length of time it takes to fully detox depends on how often and how much of a substance you use and your metabolism. To be safe, you should clear your system for about a week or longer. If you’ve taken drugs more than ten times in the last month, consider taking 2-3 weeks.

What if You Fail Your Drug Test At Target?

If you fail a drug test at Target, you won’t be eligible to work there. After six months, you can retake the test before reapplying for employment. If there is suspicion that you were under the influence of drugs during your interview, Target won’t employ you.

Under Target’s employment policies, the retailer will enforce disciplinary measures or terminate employment for anyone who tests positive on a random or suspicion-based drug test. Target will not employ anyone who refuses to take a drug test or fails a pre-employment screening.

Drug test results are confidential between you, the company, and the medical review officer/physician. No one can share the results without your written consent.


Does Target warehouse drug test?

Entry-level positions at Target warehouses don’t require a pre-employment drug test. However, you may be required to take random drug tests once in a while if you hold a senior management position.

Can you still be hired at Target if you failed the drug test?

Applicants who fail the drug test aren’t eligible for employment. If you are applying for a position at Target, you have to pass the drug screen.

Does Target run a background check before hiring?

Target conducts pre-employment background checks as part of its hiring process. You may be required to complete a criminal history report, depending on the position you have applied for.

How often does Target drug test?

Target will ask you to take a pre-employment drug test as part of your hiring process. It’ll also randomly perform drug tests on its employees once they begin work. Target also conducts a drug test in case of a workplace accident. They also screen for drugs if they suspect an employee is using some.

Does Target drug test for weed?

Target drug tests for weed. However, if you test positive, Target will advise you on their course of action if you live in states where weed is legal. Otherwise, they may deny you employment.

Does Target drug test minors?

Target drugs tests everyone they intend to hire, no matter their age. The company does this as per its policy of a drug-free working environment. Also, it strives to ensure the safety of its employees.

How accurate are Target drug tests?

Target has a vested interest in ensuring its drug tests are accurate. They have to justify a hiring decision to the applicant, who may take legal action against them if they fail without cause.

There’s also a liability issue: If someone fails a drug test and then causes an accident at work, Target could be held responsible. For these reasons, it’s safe to assume the drug test will be accurate.

Does Target sell drug test kits?

Target sells drug test kits. They’re available in the pharmacy section, and you can purchase them in-store or online.


Target drug tests during the hiring process. The type of drug test administered depends on the position you’re applying for and your location.

Target complies with federal law and doesn’t do a mandatory pre-employment drug test for any position. However, it reserves the right to test if there is “reasonable suspicion” that an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while working.

The company also conducts random drug testing on employees in safety-sensitive positions at its distribution centers. It also screens those who operate heavy machinery or drive company vehicles.

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