Does Target Have a Student Discount? (Percentage + Items)

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Nowadays, most businesses offer different incentives to make sure their customers keep coming back. In addition to selling items at affordable prices, customers can save more through discounts and coupons.

If you’re a student, you might be looking for the best ways to save money while shopping at Target. If so, consider taking advantage of Target’s student discount. This article will look at the Target student discount and why you should consider enrolling for it.

Does Target Have a Student Discount?

Target has a student discount that saves you 15% off on most items in-store and online at The discount is available to college students pursuing a degree in a university or a degree-granting college. However, students in junior colleges don’t qualify for the student discount.  


What Items can you buy with the student discount at Target?

You can use your student discount at Target on the following categories:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Groceries
  • Electronics
  • Books
  • Bikes
  • Jewelry
  • Postcards
  • Sports equipment
  • Furniture
  • Household items

You cannot use your student discount on the following items at Target:

  • Non-prescription drugs
  • Target-branded smoking cessation products
  • Alcohol
  • Target gift cards and pre-paid cards
  • Wireless plans and pre-paid phone cards
  • Target Optical or Target Pharmacy locations

How does Target verify student discounts?

Target verifies your status with SheerID, a company that checks different eligibility criteria to verify your student status. You must be currently enrolled in or attending a college or university. Students must submit proof of enrollment and provide Target with personal information like name, age, and address to receive the discount.

Using SheerID gives Target more control over who can claim their student. It also offers Target more flexibility in offering the discount via different channels.

How to Activate Student Discounts at Target

To activate the discount;

  • Log in to your account on or the target app
  • Go to settings
  • Click on “Get verified”
  • Enter the required details
  • Click on “Verify”

To verify your status, you need to create an account on or the Target app. Once done, navigate to the settings page to verify your status.

Enter the required details and click “Verify.” You’ll then receive a verification code through SMS to verify your proof of identity.

You may, however, be required to provide hard evidence of your student status. This can include:

  • A current class schedule showing that you attend school at least part-time (excludes online schools)
  • A copy of an official transcript from an accredited school
  • A valid student ID card (with an expiration date)

If you run into any problems getting verified, contact Target’s guest services or call them on 1 800 440 0680.

Once verified, you’ll get a unique coupon code to get 15% off your purchases at Target. At the check-out counter, show the cashier the coupon, and they’ll apply the discount to your items.

How to sign up at Target Circle

Signing up for Target Circle is free and easy. You can either sign up in-store or create an online account. For online sign-up, follow these steps

  • Log in to your Target account
  • Click on Target Circle
  • Select “Create account”
  • Enter your name, e-mail address, and phone number
  • Once done, click on “Create account”

You’ll earn 1% back on your purchases at Target when you enroll in the loyalty program. You can use the rewards for future purchases at Target. Target Circle also gives you access to exclusive deals, early sale access, and unique birthday perks.

How to Avail Target Student Discount

The Target student discount is available for in-store and online use. To use it, you must first enroll online. You’ll then receive an e-mail notification with a Target coupon code that you can redeem in-store or when shopping online.

To use the Target student discount in-store, shop for your desired items at your nearest Target store. At check-out, present the coupon code received via e-mail to the cashier. You’ll get a 15% discount on the items bought.

When shopping online,

  • Log in to your Target app
  • Browse for eligible items and add them to your cart
  • Click “Check-out.”
  • Click on “Have a promo code?” and enter the coupon code you received via e-mail
  • Click on “Apply Code”
  • Complete your check-out by adding your payment option

Often, you can’t stack different discounts — meaning if there’s a sale price on an item and then a coupon for that item, you can’t use both at once. However, you can sign up for a Target RedCard and enjoy an additional 5% off your purchases on top of your 15% student discount.

What Other Benefits Do Students Enjoy at Target?

Students are eligible for discounts when shopping at the Apple mini-stores located inside Target. However, the student gets Apple’s 10% discount instead of the usual 15% offered by Target.

UNiDAYS is a student verification service that provides students with discounts at more than 200 brands worldwide. With UNiDAYS, college and university students can receive an instant 10% discount on their purchases in-store and online at


Does Target automatically apply a student discount?

Target stores will automatically apply a student discount to the purchases of students who qualify. The student needs to show the coupon code sent to their e-mail to receive the 15% discount at check-out.

Can you use the Target student discount more than once?

Target student discount is a permanent offer you can use multiple times in a calendar year.

Does Target have a student discount code?

Target has a student discount code sent to the student’s e-mail once Target verifies them. The student needs to show the code to the cashier or apply it online at check-out to enjoy the discount.

Why is your Target student discount not working?

If your Target student discount code isn’t working, it might be expired. Check the expiration date printed on your Target coupon or promo code. You can also try redeeming the promo code with a different account to see if you can resolve the issue.

Do teachers get a discount at Target too?

If you’re a teacher or educator shopping at Target, you can get a 15% discount on purchases in stores and online. Log in to your Target account and click on “Settings.” Choose “I am a teacher” and click on “Get verified.” Eligible persons are college professors, home school teachers, daycare teachers, and K-12 teachers.

When do Target students’ discounts expire?

Target students’ discounts are only eligible for college and university students. Once you cease to be a student or graduate, the discount expires, and you can no longer use it.


Target offers a 15% discount program to college and university students on eligible items. Students need to verify their details on the Target website to receive the discount promo code.

For additional discounts, a student can enroll with the Target Circle. Having a Target RedCard earns you an extra 5% discount on your purchases.

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