What is Home Depot’s Drug Test Policy?

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Finding out exactly how and when Home Depot administers drug tests requires a bit of digging, because the company doesn’t publish their official drug test policy for the public.

The official Home Depot Business Code of Conduct and Ethics states the following:

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and drug-free workplace. Using illegal drugs at any time, using alcohol when on the job or on Company premises or coming to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited. This prohibition is a condition of employment. Any associate found in violation of this condition of employment is subject to immediate termination.

But how does Home Depot ensure that their work environment is drug and alcohol free?

Home Depot Drug Test

For many years, Home Depot tested all prospective employees as part of the second phase of their interview process. The company also reserved the right to drug test employees if there was an accident on the job that sparked suspicion of drug or alcohol use.

But as of 2022, it seems that Home Depot has all but tossed their drug testing policy for prospective employees.

According to a large pool of current Home Depot employees, including these Reddit users, Home Depot no longer requires drug testing as part of their hiring process.

That said, Home Depot does require drug tests for employees seeking certification or licensing to operate heavy machinery on the job such as forklifts or other heavy equipment.

The only other scenario in which Home Depot might drug test an employee is if there is an accident or incident at work that leads to suspicion that drugs or alcohol are being used on the premises. 

Can You Still Get Hired If You Failed A Drug Test?

As stated above, it’s unlikely in 2022 that you will be drug tested during your Home Depot hiring process. But it’s still possible that this could happen depending on where you apply.

Unfortunately, if you fail a drug test during the Home Depot hiring process, you will not be offered a job.

It’s unclear whether failing your first drug test will prevent you from reapplying in the future, but while some sources claim it will disqualify you for life, other sources state that you only have to wait 6 months to 1 year to reapply.

It’s also worth noting that if you are drug tested as an existing employee and fail, you will likely be terminated and unable to work at any Home Depot in the future.

What Drug Test Does Home Depot Use?

Home Depot administers two kinds of drug tests: mouth swab saliva tests and urine tests.

The two main substances Home Depot tests for are THC (cannabis) and alcohol. However, they also test for PCP, amphetamines, cocaine, opioids, and other illicit drugs that might impair an employee’s ability to work safely and responsibly.

How Often Does Home Depot Do Drug Tests?

The frequency of Home Depot’s drug testing in 2022 is very unpredictable. But one thing seems clear: Home Depot is not drug testing nearly as often as they used to.

Just a few years ago, it used to be fairly impossible to get hired at Home Depot without submitting to a drug test. However, the vast majority of employees hired since 2020 have reported never being drug tested by the company, either during the hiring process or while working as an employee.

So, the short answer is that Home Depot doesn’t drug test very often. If you’re not seeking any heavy machinery licenses and if you aren’t involved in any suspicious incidents or accidents at work, then it’s fairly likely that you will never be asked to undergo drug testing by Home Depot.

How Long Do Home Depot Drug Test Results Take?

The time it takes to receive your drug test results will depend on where you get tested and the type of test you take.

However, most drug test results are available within 24 to 48 hours.

Can You Refuse To Take A Drug Test At Home Depot?

Regardless of whether you’re expected to take a drug test, you always have the right to refuse. As a private company, Home Depot cannot force anyone to submit to a drug test.

However, if you refuse a drug test during the hiring process, it is unlikely that you will be offered a job. If you refuse a drug test after being suspected of drug or alcohol use at work, then you could face termination.

So, the simple answer is: you can refuse a drug test, but you should be prepared to face the consequences.


Can you be drug tested without notice?

No. Regardless of why you’re being drug tested, you will be given notice.

Does Home Depot drug test after you get hired?

In some cases, yes. Although Home Depot does not perform random drug tests on employees without cause, they do reserve the right to drug test employees if there is an accident or incident at work that gives them a reason to suspect that you have been using drugs or alcohol on the job.

Does Home Depot drug test multiple times?

Not as a rule, but it’s possible. Home Depot reserves the right to drug test employees if they suspect drug or alcohol use at work, so it’s always possible that you could be drug tested multiple times if multiple incidents lead to suspicion. However, if you fail a drug test, you will likely be terminated immediately which would effectively prevent a second incident from taking place.

Does Home Depot drug test contractors?

No. Home Depot can only drug test current and prospective employees.

Does Home Depot drug test when you transfer?

No. Once you’ve been hired, Home Depot will only drug test you if there is reason for suspicion that you’re using drugs or alcohol at work or if you seek a license to become a machine operator for Home Depot.

Does Home Depot drug test when you get hurt?

Only if the incident happened at work in a context that creates reasonable suspicion that drugs or alcohol were involved.


While Home Depot used to be very strict about drug testing all prospective employees, they’ve loosened up quite a bit on that policy in recent years.

As of 2022, the chances that you’ll be drug tested as a prospective or existing employee at Home Depot are pretty low unless you are seeking a forklift operator’s license or similar heavy machinery license.

Refusing a drug test is always an option, but if you do so, it’s likely that you will face consequences such as losing your job or being denied the opportunity to pursue employment at Home Depot.

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