Why Doesn’t Home Depot Give Employee Discounts?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not currently offer an employee discount. However, they do have something called an Employee Pricing Program which allows Home Depot employees to avail discounts at 30,000+ local and national brands and companies.

If you’re a current Home Depot employee, you can find out all about your employee pricing options via PerksAtWork.com.

Perks at Work is Home Depot’s employee perks program, offering access to employee pricing, online education, and personal development opportunities.

Home Depot Employee Discount

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Give Employee Discounts?

It’s not entirely clear why Home Depot doesn’t offer a traditional employee discount as they haven’t made any public statements about this.

However, many employees have theorized that the reason Home Depot doesn’t offer a traditional employee discount is that the company fears an employee discount might be taken advantage of. Because Home Depot is such a major supplier of construction and contracting materials, some people suspect that the company wants to prevent people from getting part-time jobs at Home Depot simply to access discounts on materials to fund independent businesses.

Again, there’s no way to confirm this. But it does seem pretty clear that Home Depot would rather offer their employees discounts on things that aren’t construction and home-improvement materials.

Can Home Depot Employees Earn Discounts?

Unfortunately, there’s no way for a Home Depot employee to earn a discount regardless of how hard they work or how much they sell. Home Depot employees do not earn commission on sales, and they do not earn discounts on purchases over time.

Home Depot employees can, however, qualify for cash bonuses if they earn a series of Homer Awards, which are awarded for exceptional behavior and employee performance. Depending on how many Homer Awards you receive, you can earn bonuses up to $200 at a time on top of your bi-weekly paycheck amount.

What Perks Do Home Depot Employees Get?

Despite not receiving a traditional employee discount, Home Depot employees can still receive plenty of benefits and perks during the course of their employment.

Some of the benefits Home Depot employees can receive include:

  • Access to the Perks at Work program (more info below)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Short-term disability care
  • Vision insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Prescription drug insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid sick leave
  • Paid military leave
  • Paid jury duty
  • Paid bereavement leave
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Adoption assistance
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • 401(k)
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Relocation assistance

To learn more about the benefits available to Home Depot employees, click here.

Through Home Depot’s Perks at Work program, employees get access to:

  • Over 30,000 national and local employee discounts at brands that partner with Home Depot
  • Free online classes through the COA Community Online Academy
  • Personal development opportunities

home depot employee benefits

Do All Home Depot Employees Have Benefits? 

While all part-time and full-time Home Depot employees can access a range of benefits, some of the most popular employee benefits at Home Depot are only available to full-time employees.

Unfortunately only full-time employees have access to all of the employee benefits at Home Depot, including health insurance. But the good news is that if you’re a full-time employee, your health insurance benefits won’t just cover you. Your dependents will also be covered, as will your spouse or partner, including domestic partners and same-sex partners.

If you are a part-time Home Depot employee, you will still have access to the following insurance types:

  • Dental insurance
  • Short-term disability coverage
  • Vision insurance
  • Life Insurance

Temporary Home Depot associates are not eligible to partake in any insurance benefits.

Many of the other benefits provided by Home Depot, such as 401(k) contribution and paid leave, are available to all employees regardless of how many hours per week they work. However, a probationary period must be completed before these benefits can begin.

When Do Home Depot Benefits Start?

Full-time employees must work at Home Depot for at least 90 days (approximately 3 months) before they can begin receiving their health insurance benefits.

Other benefits, such as 401(k) contribution, require employees to work for Home Depot for at least 1 year.

Does Home Depot Have Good Employee Benefits?

On Indeed.com, reviewers have given Home Depot 3.5 out of 5 stars when it comes to their employee benefits program. However, 91% of reviewers expressed satisfaction with Home Depot’s health insurance benefits (available to full-time employees only). This could possibly indicate that Home Depot’s health insurance is their most appealing employee benefit.

Ratings on GlassDoor.com are similar at 3.6 out of 5 stars.


Does Home Depot offer a federal employee discount?

No. However, they do offer a 10% discount to active duty military personnel and veterans who can provide an ID.

Can you use the Home Depot employee discount online?

No. Home Depot does not offer an employee discount. However, Home Depot employees can avail certain discounts from other brands and retailers, many of which can be used online.

What is the employee discount at Home Depot Canada?

None. Home Depot Canada, like Home Depot in the US, does not offer a traditional employee discount.


While Home Depot does not offer a traditional employee discount, they make sure to find plenty of opportunities for their employees to access other benefits and discounts. Home Depot employees can avail discounts on everything from electronics to groceries depending on when and where they shop.

Employees also enjoy decent benefits, including health insurance for full-time employees and vision, dental, and life insurance benefits for all employees who opt in to these programs.

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