Does Home Depot Have a First Responder Discount?

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A first responder is someone trained to respond to an emergency. Essentially, these people are always available on call and include police officers, doctors, firefighters, and so on. Nowadays, many businesses recognize and appreciate the work of first responders by offering them discounts and perks on their purchases.

Just like other retail stores, Home Depot offers a first responder discount. If you work as a first responder, you’ll get a 10% discount on select items bought in-store. 

You’ll need to show the cashier a valid work ID or a first responder discount card to get the discount. The discount is only applicable if your total purchases are $500 or less.

Read on for more information on how Home Depot’s first responder discount works, how to get it, and its terms and conditions.

Home Depot First Responder Discount

Home Depot First Respondent Discount Exclusions

Like any other offers, the Home Depot first responder discount comes with its terms and conditions. Let’s take a look at some of its exclusions.

  • You cannot get a discount on your shipping or installation charges
  • The discount does not apply to any items bought online
  • It does not apply to any items purchased using a gift card
  • You cannot get the discount when you buy certain appliances
  • It is only applicable to regular-priced items, excluding sale or clearance items
  • You cannot combine the discount with any other coupons or offers

How Does the Discount Work?

Basically, Home Depot’s first responder discount is for anyone working as a first responder. Therefore, you are eligible if you work as a;

  • Law enforcement officer
  • Doctor 
  • Firefighter
  • Paramedic or EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)
  • An employee of a legal organization that offers services in times of emergencies, such as the Red Cross

To qualify for the Home Depot First Responder discount, you must show the cashier a valid proof that you work as a first responder. This can be your work ID or a First Responder’s discount card. 

Steps To Get The Discount

Getting a first responder discount at Home Depot is not complicated. Before heading to your nearest Home Depot store, ensure that the store participates in the program since not all outlets offer the discount. In addition, ensure that you have your work ID or your First responder’s discount card. 

The cashier needs any of the two cards to verify your eligibility for a first responder’s discount. Once you get to your favorite Home Depot store, follow these steps to get your discount.

  • Shop for the items that you need and add them to your cart
  • Ensure that your purchases do not include any sale or clearance items
  • Once done shopping, head to the checkout area
  • Show the cashier your work ID card or first responder’s discount card
  • If your proof is valid, the cashier will apply a 10% discount on your items, provided they don’t exceed $500
  • Ensure that you pay using any other method other than a gift card. You can pay using cash, personal checks, and credit cards

Can You Use First Responder Discounts Online?

No. You cannot use your first responder’s discount when you buy goods online at The discount is only eligible for in-store purchases only. 

Do Other Retailers Give First Responder Discounts?

As a first responder, you may be curious to know which other stores offer first responder discounts apart from Home Depot.

Below is a list of stores that give discounts to first responders and how much they offer.

  • Kroger – offers you a 10% first responders discount on your purchases
  • Lowes – gives a 10% discount to all active and retired US first responders
  • Ace Hardware – gives a 10% discount daily 
  • Office Depot – offers a 20% first responders’ discount 
  • Target – you can get a 10% first responders discount on select items


Does Home Depot restrict discount usage?

Yes. Home Depot gives a first responder’s discount, albeit with some conditions. As per Home Depot’s terms, you can only use the discount for in-store purchases and on regular-priced items. In addition, you can only get a discount if your purchases don’t exceed $500.

Does Home Depot offer a military discount?

Yes. Home Depot offers a military discount to active US military personnel. The store has been offering the discounts since 1979. 

Does Home Depot offer veteran discounts?

Yes. In addition to offering military discounts, Home Depot gives veteran discounts to all US veterans. The retailer also supports veteran causes through its Home Depot Foundation.


Home Depot offers a 10% discount on eligible in-store purchases to show its appreciation to people working as first responders. Your purchases need to be worth $500 or less to get the discount. 

You also need proof that you work as a first responder by showing the cashier your work ID or a first responder’s discount card. However, the discount does not apply to sale or clearance items, online items, and products bought with a gift card.

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