Can You Get Tile Samples At Home Depot?

If you’re tackling a home renovation project such as a kitchen or bathroom overhaul, then chances are you’re in the market for some new tile. And if that’s the case, then Home Depot is an obvious place to start looking. But when shopping for new flooring, it’s not always easy to commit to a certain style right away. That’s where samples come in handy.

Lucky for us, Home Depot absolutely offers tile samples. Regardless of which type or style of tile flooring you’re in the market for, you’re sure to find a sample of it at Home Depot.

The only downside is that, unlike other retailers, Home Depot does not offer their flooring samples for free. Each tile sample at Home Depot is priced at $2.99 regardless of size or style.

Home Depot Tile Samples

What Kind Of Tile Samples Can You Get? 

Home Depot offers a wide range of tile samples for just $2.99, both online and in store. These tiles come in ceramic, glass, porcelain, marble, and more. The size of each flooring sample varies depending on the flooring style and type.

What Kind Of Flooring Samples Can You Get?

Home Depot doesn’t just offer samples of their tile flooring. They also offer flooring samples for their other flooring types, including hardwood flooring samples and vinyl flooring samples. You can search all of Home Depot’s flooring samples online here.

Where Can You Get Free Tile/Flooring Samples?

While flooring samples are available at Home Depot, some shoppers might not be excited about having to pay $2.99 per sample. If you’re in that boat, then rest assured that there are plenty of options for finding free tile and other flooring type samples online.

The following retailers offer free flooring samples to prospective customers:

  • Build Direct
  • LL Flooring
  • Flooring Liquidators
  • Twenty & Oak
  • Home Carpet One
  • GoHaus
  • Builder Elements
  • Snapstone
  • Mundo Tile
  • Cool Tile
  • Glass Tile Oasis

Does Home Depot Sell Good Tiles?

Major retailers like Home Depot tend to sell a variety of products that vary in quality from better to worse. And tiles are no different. While you can certainly find some high quality tile at Home Depot, other brands might not be the best.

home depot tile review

According to one poster on, Marazzi is a good brand to stick to when shopping for tile at Home Depot.

These Houzz users have some things to say, arguing that buying tile from Home Depot isn’t much different than buying it from anywhere else.

home depot tile review 1

How To Buy Home Depot Tiles

Buying tile from Home Depot is simple!

If you’d like to buy your tiles online…

  1. Browse tile on and choose the style you like best
  2. Select the amount you’d like to purchase
  3. Place your order and complete your purchase

If you’d like to buy tile in store at Home Depot…

  1. Visit any Home Depot retail location
  2. Find the flooring section
  3. If you need help finding the tile section, ask for assistance from an employee
  4. Browse tile styles and types
  5. Select the type of tile you wish to purchase
  6. Use a cart to bring the number of tile cases you wish to purchase to the register
  7. Complete your purchase and take your tile home!

Remember that when installing tile yourself, you’ll also need to purchase things like grout, adhesive, tile spacers, and more in order to complete the job. The employees at Home Depot can help you decide which products you need to tackle your project.


Are Home Depot tile samples real tiles?

Yes. Home Depot tile samples are simply single versions of the tiles they sell.

Can you return sample tiles at Home Depot?

No. According to Home Depot’s return policy, flooring samples are not returnable.

Can you get samples of backsplash?

Yes. Backsplash tile samples are available at Home Depot for $2.99 each.


If you’re shopping around for tile, then Home Depot is an obvious place to look. Luckily, they offer samples of all of their flooring types, including ceramic, porcelain, glass, and marble tile. Each tile sample costs $2.99 and is non-refundable. If you’d like to take advantage of some free tile samples elsewhere, many online flooring retailers offer free tile samples which might be a more exciting option for some shoppers.

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