What is Included in a Home Depot Pro Account?

Many big retailers, including Home Depot, offer memberships that entice you into buying from them more frequently. As a member, you also enjoy great discounts and perks depending on your membership plan. 

A Home Depot Pro account is a rewards program for contractors and other professionals who do business with Home Depot. The program gives you access to various exclusive discounts and perks to save money on tools and equipment.

A Home Depot Pro account is free to join. There are no subscription or renewal fees for the account.

Home Depot Pro Account

Can Anyone Get A Home Depot Pro Account?

If you are a regular shopper at Home Depot, you may want to consider the Pro account membership. You can sign up for membership whether you are a professional or not.

When you sign up for the Pro account, you’ll get to choose which kind of offers you would like to see in your inbox. These include daily deals, Home Depot sneak peeks that offer you exclusive savings, offers that make your work easier, first access to specials from your local store, and so on.

Home Depot Standard vs Pro

A Home Depot standard account lets you shop online at home or in-store at any Home Depot outlet. It’s perfect if you want to browse, compare prices and find items that fit your style. The account doesn’t include any membership benefits or special member perks. 

Home Depot Pro memberships are available to the general public. There is no need to be a contractor or work in construction to qualify for a Home Depot Pro membership. You can also enroll in this membership if you need help with your home improvement projects.

If you work as a contractor, you may want to consider a Home Depot Pro membership over a basic one because of its convenience. You can also save money with a Home Depot Pro membership if you frequently order high-volume items like power tools.

Home Depot Pro Account Benefits

Getting a Home Depot Pro membership is a smart move. Here, you’ll be able to create quotes online, sync your operations to QuickBooks, and do more to keep your business running. You’ll save up to 20% on all paints, stains, and primers in stores and online.

As a Home Depot Pro member, you’ll enjoy a raft of benefits that include the following:

  • With its dedicated support, you can get help in-store and on the dedicated Pro Customer Service line. Moreover, you’ll also save time with call-ahead ordering and Pro checkout.
  • With its bulk pricing program, you’ll be able to save big every day. You’ll even know how much you can save on all your purchases based on when you make them.
  • It offers you a wide range of shipping options to choose the best alternative for your project. You can ship directly from your local store or request delivery directly to your job site.
  • All your tool rental needs are taken care of in one place. You can rent pro-quality tools, equipment, and trucks for any job at friendly rates.
  • You can select the most suitable credit card and financing options that complement your business.
  • It gives you access to tested and proven products before they hit the market.
  • The membership lets you access thousands of products you can’t find anywhere else – including hard-to-find commercial items not sold at your local store.

If you consider upgrading your Home Depot membership, you’ll be delighted to know that there is more. You can also get the Home Depot Pro Xtra membership.

What’s a Pro Xtra membership?

Basically, the program helps you save time, money and get rewarded. Like the Home Depot Pro membership, a Home Depot Pro Xtra membership is an excellent way to earn points and redeem them for discounts on future purchases. Plus, it’s a great loyalty program that rewards you for every dollar spent at Home Depot.

There is also no membership fee if you join as a Pro Xtra member.

Here are some of the perks that the Home Depot Pro Xtra will offer you:

  • Paint rewards – you get to save up to 20% on paints, stains, and primers bought online and in-store at Home Depot.
  • Personalized offers – upon enrolment, you’ll receive customized offers in your email, in-app message center, and direct mail.
  • Purchase tracking – you’ll enjoy the convenience of organizing your purchases, making simple tax calculations, and managing your tasks by job/PO name.
  • Text2confirm authorization – if you are an employer, you can use this feature to approve purchases made by your employees.
  • Volume pricing – the program is most suitable when undertaking a big project. Essentially, you’ll get to save more depending on how much you spend.

What Discounts Can You Get With a Home Depot Pro Account?

In addition to the benefits and rewards of being a Home Depot Pro account holder, here are some discounts you’ll get.

  • Bulk discounts – you’ll get special prices for items bought in large quantities.
  • Pro special buy – Home Depot offers a different weekly item for a reduced price. If you buy online, you’ll get free delivery.
  • Weekly Pro local ads – include weekly deals and savings for Home Depot Pro members.
  • Pro email signup – you’ll get special offers sent into your inbox.

How to Get Home Depot Pro Account?

Upgrading your regular Home Depot account to a Pro account is easy. Here’s how to do that.

  •  Log in to your Home Depot account
  • Click on My Account
  • Select Account Profile
  • Check the box for “I am a Pro customer”
  • Save the changes
  • Alternatively, you can go to your nearest Home Depot store’s customer service desk and request to upgrade your account to a Home Depot Pro membership

When upgrading your Home Depot account to Pro, you’ll need to provide your email address, phone number, and password. If you own a business, you’ll need to fill out your business details, such as business name, type of the business, and address.

How To Cancel Home Depot Pro Account?

If you decide to cancel your Pro account membership, Home Depot does not charge any cancellation fees. To cancel your Home Depot Pro account, follow these steps:

  • Go to the email address you used to register for the Pro account
  • Compose an email to [email protected]
  •  Put “Request to cancel my Home Depot Pro account” as the subject line
  • Give reasons for the cancellation
  • Enter your user ID and other details and send the email
  • You’ll receive an update of your request from Home Depot within days

Is Home Depot Pro Account Worth It?

If you are already making savings as a regular Home Depot customer, imagine how much you can save with a Pro membership. A Home Depot Pro account helps you access exclusive personalized offers and paint rewards that help you save money on purchases. You get to enjoy a faster shopping experience with Pro checkout. It also lets you save more when undertaking a huge project.


What does Pro Xtra spend mean?

Pro Xtra spend is a service that lets you earn perks and rewards by purchasing at Home Depot. It allows you to earn rewards like Pro Xtra Dollars, tool rental perks, or bonus perks.

What is a pro account sales associate at Home Depot?

A Home Depot Pro account sales associate is responsible for creating a relationship with a Pro customer. Such a person will give you personalized customer service and ensure that your transactions are handled effectively without hitches.

Can you add receipts to Home Depot Pro account?

Yes. To add a receipt, go to the purchases tab on your account, click on the purchase tracking tab and click on Add store receipt.

How to add purchases to the Home Depot Pro account?

To add purchases to your Home Depot Pro account,

  • Log in to your Pro account
  • Click on the purchase tracking tab
  • Select add online receipt
  • Enter the receipt details
  • Click on save

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to be a professional to get  Home Depot Pro account membership. The account is free to join and lets you save money on purchases through bulk pricing and paint rewards. You also get to enjoy faster Pro checkouts and purchase tracking. A Home Depot Pro account is worth it, especially if you are a professional contractor. 

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