Does Home Depot Give Free Pallets?

In most cases, you’ll find free pallets from some big box retailers, construction sites, hardware stores, and so on.

If you have been to a Home Depot store, you may have noticed a stack of pallets placed at the rear end of the building. But does the store give out the pallets for free?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not give out free pallets. This is because the retailer has an agreement with its suppliers to return them for recycling.

If you need free pallets, you can get them at construction sites, junkyards, recycling sites, and so on.

Pallets Home Depot

Why Does Home Depot Not Give Free Pallets?

Home Depot does not give free pallets since they are not its property. The retailer has an agreement with suppliers to return the pallets for reuse. 

The other reason why Home Depot does not give out free pallets is to ensure customers buy the pallets sold at its stores. You can also get some free or cheap wood at the Home Depot, which you can use to build your own pallets.

Can You Buy Pallets at Home Depot?

Since Home Depot does not give pallets for free, you may wonder whether you can buy them in-store or online at their stores. 

Yes. You can buy pallets at Home Depot in-store or online at The retailer stocks various pallets and pallet stands to choose from, depending on your needs. In addition, you can choose from multiple colors and sizes to fit your project or use.

What Kind of Pallets Does Home Depot Have?

You can get different pallets from Home Depot, including wooden, PVC, vinyl, steel, polyethylene, plastic, and aluminum. The pallets are available in various sizes and shapes.

In addition to the standard pallet size (48” x 40”), Home Depot has other pallet sizes such as 24” x 24”, 36” x 32”, 48” x 48” x 6”, and so on.

How Much Do Pallets Cost at Home Depot?

The cost of Home Depot pallets varies depending on the material and size. Recycled presswood nestable pallets are the cheapest, with their prices starting from $42. However, plastic and steel pallets are more expensive and cost between $56 to $300.

Although Home Depot’s pallets are pretty affordable, you can get cheaper options elsewhere. For instance, you can get wooden pallets at Walmart starting at $5. You may also check out other sites like eBay for cheaper or second-hand pallets.

Are Pallets from Home Depot Worth It?

Home Depot is known to offer high-quality goods and matching customer service. As one of the leading home improvement retailers, Home Depot ensures that it sources its pallets from top brands. As such, most customers who have bought pallets at Home Depot have given them a high rating. Most reviewers were happy with the pallet price, durability, and ability to meet their needs.

To give you a clearer picture of Home Depot’s pallets, below are some actual customer reviews posted on the Home Depot website. 

Where Can You Get Free Pallets?

Having learnt that you cannot get free pallets at Home Depot, you may be wondering where else you can get them for free. The good news is that there are plenty of places where you can get free pallets or at discounted prices. 

But before you head out to look for free pallets, you need to be innovative in your approach. 

Below are ways how you can get some free pallets. 

  • You can offer small businesses a way to clean up and dispose of their waste which includes the pallets
  • Check from most distribution centers. In most cases, they’ll have excess or slightly broken pallets that they are willing to give away
  • Search the internet for “free pallets near me.”
  • Go to any pallet recycling company near you and check whether there are any pallets they are willing to dispose of

Some of the places where you can get free pallets include the following:

  • Small business dumpsters
  • Construction sites
  • Food and pet supplies stores
  • Furniture stores
  • Newspaper companies
  • Hardware stores
  • Schools
  • Fresh produce markets
  • Bars and liquor stores
  • Small garden shops


Does Home Depot sell pallet jacks?

Yes. Home Depot sells various electric, manual, and motorized pallet jacks. You can also get pallet jack accessories such as radial ball bearings, load wheelsets, and steering wheel sets.

Does Home Depot charge a pallet fee?

Yes. Home Depot will charge you a pallet fee for anything they deliver to you on pallets. However, it is not clear how Home Depot calculates the charges.

Does Home Depot sell pallet racks?

Yes. Home Depot sells pallet racks. You can buy the racks in-store or online and later pick them up in-store in the Storage and Organization department.

Does Home Depot recycle their pallets?

Yes. In addition to returning used pallets to its suppliers, Home Depot recycles most of its pallets as part of its sustainability program. 

Does Home Depot give free wood?

Yes. Home Depot gives some of the wood left over in its lumber section for free. They also sell “Dunnage” or “Cull” timber, which is mainly broken pieces of wood.


Home Depot does not give free pallets for two reasons. First, the retailer has an agreement with its suppliers to return the pallets to them after receiving deliveries. Second, by not giving you the pallets for free, Home Depot knows you have no choice but to buy them from its stores. You can, however, get free pallets from construction sites, furniture stores, small business dumpsters, and so on. 

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