Does Home Depot Recycle Light Bulbs?

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Disposing of light bulbs safely isn’t always as easy as throwing them in the trash.

Lucky for us, Home Depot accepts intact and undamaged CFL (compact fluorescent) light bulbs for recycling in their stores. Some Home Depot locations are also equipped to recycle fluorescent and LED light bulbs.

Most household light bulbs in modern homes are CFL bulbs.

There is no charge for light bulb recycling at Home Depot.

Here is a guide provided by Home Depot regarding the proper recycling of a wide variety of light bulbs.

Home Depot Recycle Light Bulbs

What Kind Of Bulbs Does Home Depot Recycle?

All Home Depot locations accept CFL light bulbs for recycling through the Call2Recyle program.

Some Home Depot locations are also equipped to recycle LED and fluorescent bulbs.

Unfortunately, incandescent and halogen light bulbs cannot be recycled at Home Depot.

Regardless of what kind of light bulb you are recycling at Home Depot, there is no charge for this service. 

How Does Home Depot Light Bulb Recycling Work?

To recycle compact fluorescent light bulbs at Home Depot:

  • Locate the Call2Recycle light bulb recycling bin at the entrance of any Home Depot store
  • Place your bulbs in the plastic bags provided and drop them in the bin
  • There is no charge for recycling

If you are interested in recycling fluorescent or LED bulbs, talk to a Home Depot associate to find out if their store offers this service.

Home Depot’s Eco Actions website provides a handy guide to recycling CFL light bulbs in their stores.

Where Else Can You Recycle Light Bulbs?

No matter where you live, there’s a good chance that your state or county government probably offers a light bulb recycling program at no charge to residents, so that’s the first place to look.

Some other common locations that offer light bulb recycling services include:

  • Batteries+Bulbs
  • State, county, and federal government agencies
  • Electricity companies

How To Properly Dispose Of Light Bulbs For Recycling?

Some light bulb varieties are much easier to dispose of than others. Incandescent bulbs, for example, can be disposed of in any household trash can by simply wrapping the bulb in a thick paper bag to prevent injury from broken glass.

However, mercury-containing bulbs such as CLFs, fluorescents, etc. must be disposed of in designated recycling areas.

For detailed information on how to dispose of any kind of light bulb responsibly, check out this detailed guide provided by Home Depot.

You can also check out this video tutorial on fluorescent light bulb recycling.


Does Home Depot recycle batteries?

According to Home Depot’s corporate website, many Home Depot locations partner with the non-profit organization Call2Recylce to recycle batteries. As of February 2022, Home Depot has recycled over 14 million pounds of batteries. To find a Call2Recycle location, click here. Home Depot also provides a helpful guide to properly recycling batteries

Does Home Depot Canada recycle light bulbs?

No. Unfortunately, Home Depot Canada no longer accepts light bulbs for recycling.

Does Home Depot recycle mercury light bulbs?

Yes. CFL light bulbs contain mercury.

What can you do with old incandescent light bulbs?

Incandescent light bulbs can be safely disposed of in any household trash can. To protect garbage handlers from cutting themselves on broken glass, wrap your light bulb in thick paper in case it breaks.

Final Thoughts

Disposing of light bulbs at Home Depot is super safe and easy. However, this service is generally only provided to people recycling CFL bulbs. If your bulb is not a CFL, then you will need to look elsewhere for recycling or disposal options. When you recycle light bulbs at Home Depot, you will never be charged a fee. You don’t even have to be a Home Depot customer to utilize this service.

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