How to Get Free Pallets at Walmart?

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Unfortunately, there is quite a lot of inaccurate information floating around online about the wooden pallets at Walmart. Most sources state definitively that Walmart does not give away their pallets for free, but this is simply not true.

While Walmart is under no obligation to give away pallets for free to anyone, it is very common that Walmart gives pallets to those who respectfully ask for permission.

In most cases, you can get plain wood pallets for free from Walmart if you simply ask for them. The red and blue pallets, on the other hand, are not up for grabs, as those get sent back to distribution centers to be reused.

Just remember that there is no guarantee that you will be able to get free pallets at Walmart. But it’s always worth asking.

Pallets at Walmart

Stores That Offer Free Pallets

As far as we can tell, there are no major retailers that advertise the fact that they give away free pallets, as this would likely create too much of a frenzy.

However, most large retailers, particularly big box stores and home improvement centers, are willing to give away wooden pallets for free to people who ask politely. 

Some places that are known for giving away free pallets include Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Target. However, whether or not you will actually be able to acquire free pallets from these places will depend on the discretion of whoever is working at the time. None of these retailers are obligated to give away pallets for free, so it’s always possible that certain locations could say no.

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Other types of retailers that might have extra wooden pallets to give away include garden centers, grocery stores, and wholesale clubs.

Can You Buy Pallets From Walmart Instead?

Unfortunately, it does not seem like Walmart sells their pallets to customers, despite some sources claiming that they sell reclaimed pallets online. Instead, all of their pallets are either reused, recycled, or discarded.

The best way to acquire pallets from Walmart is to simply visit a Walmart retail location and ask an employee if you can take some wooden pallets for free. Chances are, they will say yes as long as they have enough pallets to spare.

Are Walmart Pallets Good Quality?

The plain wooden pallets available at certain Walmart locations are the same kind of wooden pallets that you will find at most other big box stores. They tend to be quite large and heavy duty, since Walmart shipments are on the larger and heavier side. 

If you are able to acquire some free pallets from Walmart, you can feel fairly certain that they are of decent quality.


Is it illegal to steal pallets from Walmart?

Yes. Even if Walmart is intending on discarding or giving away the pallets for free, it is still considered theft to take them without permission.

Does Walmart recycle their wood pallets?

Yes. They reuse all of their blue and red pallets, and most sources claim that they recycle their wooden pallets.

Do you need a permit to get wood pallets from Walmart?

No. You simply need to ask permission from a Walmart employee, who has every right to say either yes or no. If you are not given permission by a Walmart employee, then you are not allowed to take any pallets from Walmart.

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