How Often Does Walmart Restock? (+Schedule)

Walmart’s restocking schedule varies depending on the type of products and the store. Fresh produce such as meat, milk, and groceries are usually restocked daily between 10 pm and 7 am. Most restocking happens on the second and the third shifts when there is less traffic in the stores.

Walmart helps you stay up-to-date with their latest inventory information to help you plan ahead of your visit to a Walmart store. You can check whether an item is available in-store by calling or checking Walmart’s website or mobile app.

Walmart Restock

What Day of the Week Does Walmart Restock?

Walmart does not have a strict schedule for restocking, but you can expect to see most products replenished every three to five days. The store also receives new stocks of fresh produce and fast-moving items daily to keep up with customer demands.

Walmart’s restocking schedule also varies from store to store. Busier stores have a more frequent restocking schedule than others. Most Walmart stores restock at night between 10 pm to 7 am.

How Long Does It Take for Walmart to Restock?

Walmart does not have a specific window about when they restock their shelves. In most cases, the restocking may take up to two days, depending on the product. Since Walmart has distribution centers across the US, it makes restocking easier as most of its stores receive shipments without delays.

If you are not sure whether what you need is available, it is advisable to check the Walmart website before ordering. You can also call your nearest Walmart store and request a customer care representative to confirm the item’s availability.

How often does Walmart update its inventory online?

Walmart does not update its online inventory in real-time. This may be due to the vast number of Walmart stores and products sold at its outlets. According to Walmart, you may place an order only for the item to run out of stock by the time they process your order.

However, the retailer says that it restocks as quickly as possible. Online inventory updates may take days for the retailer to have the correct figures. You can use the Brickseek inventory checker to get updates on Walmart’s inventory.

Do all Walmart stores carry the same inventory?

Most Walmart stores carry the same inventory. However, different stores may have additional items depending on their location. For example, stores in colder areas may have larger stocks of winter clothing than others. The people around the store locations may also determine the store inventories. For example, stores near a fishing community may have more stocks of fishing gear.

What Items Does Walmart Restock?

Walmart usually restocks all items sold at its stores. The retailer prioritizes fast-moving and essential products, ensuring they are available at all times.

Walmart restocks essential items like meat, fresh produce, dairy, baked goods, and household supplies daily during the night shifts. The time between 10 pm and 7 am is less busy and therefore best for restocking essential items.

Walmart does not have a set restocking schedule for non-essential items such as electronics. In most cases, you may find employees restocking these items during the hours between 12 am to 7 pm. Walmart may restock other non-essential items such as toys from 7 am to 2 pm during regular working hours.

Does Walmart Restock Out-Of-Stock Items?

Walmart restocks out-of-stock items as soon as possible. The retailer has an advantage in that it has several warehouses that hold its stock before distribution to the respective stores.

However, Walmart may not restock all its inventory depending on several factors. For example, seasonal items like Halloween and Thanksgiving that run out of stock may have to wait a little longer.

What happens when Walmart items run out of stock?

When Walmart’s products run out of stock, its product listings will display the missing items. According to Walmart, the company will notify customers when an item has sold out. The retailer typically restocks items if they’re out of stock within two days. When products are no longer in stock, they will be removed from the website and marked as “out of stock.”

How to find out if Walmart restocks both in-store and online?

There are several ways to determine if Walmart restocks in-store and online. The easiest way is to go to the Walmart website and search for a product that you want to buy. The site will show you whether the product is in stock and how much it costs.

Another way is by calling the Walmart store nearest to you. You can get the nearest store using the store finder feature on the website. Once you find your closest Walmart outlet, call the store phone number and ask if the product is available in-store before purchasing.

Can you check Walmart’s inventory online?

Yes, you can check Walmart’s inventory online. Here are some tips for using the service:

  • Go to the Walmart home page and enter your item on the search bar to check whether it is available. For example, if you are looking for a TV, you can enter the name “Smart TV” on the search bar and click on the search icon
  • Use the filters to sort by brand, price, screen size, and find out whether items available in your local store

Alternatively, you can use the Brickseek app to check Walmart’s inventory online. The app uses a product’s Unique Product Code (UPC) or Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) to check whether the product is available online or in-store. It also shows you the number of products available at a particular Walmart store and their price.

How to request a product at Walmart?

To request a product at Walmart,

  • Go to its store or corporate feedback page. Here, you will find several areas where you can give suggestions or feedback on products, store experience, brands, and so on.
  • Select the Product question/product feedback option and click on Next
  • Enter the product information and some comments about the product
  •  Enter your information and submit

How Do You Know When Walmart Will Restock Online?

You can sign up for Walmart’s email notifications to be alerted about restocks. To do this, log in to your Walmart account and search for the item you need on the search bar.

If the product is out of stock, click on the “Get in-stock alert” button next to the item. Enter your email, and you’ll get a notification once Walmart restocks the product.

However, not all items are eligible for in-stock alerts. Any product that qualifies for in-stock alerts will have the alert button next to it.

What time does Walmart restock online items?

There is no specific time when Walmart restocks its online inventory. Walmart says it replenishes its products as soon as possible, with fast-moving items given high priority. However, most Walmart stores restock between 10 pm and 7 am daily.

What is the Best Day and Time to Shop at Walmart?

You may want to consider stock availability and shopping traffic when shopping at Walmart. The best time to shop at Walmart is between 7 am to 11 am on weekdays when the night shift employees have finished restocking the shelves. There are also fewer shoppers at this time, meaning that you’ll check out faster.

During weekends, the best time to shop there is between 8 am to 10 am when there is less traffic. The worst time to shop at Walmart is after lunchtime on weekdays and between 12 pm and 4 pm on weekends.


Does Walmart restock rollback items?

Yes, Walmart restocks all rollback items in-store and online. Since rollback products are permanent store items, Walmart replenishes them immediately after they run out of stock. Once Walmart restocks these items, their prices often go back to normal.

How to know when Walmart will restock PS5?

The only way to know when Walmart will restock the PS5 is to keep checking the item page. Once they have the game console in stock, Walmart will update the page with the latest information. You cannot call Walmart customer care agents or associates to enquire about its restocking since they don’t have information about when it will be available.

How often does Walmart restock consoles?

When in stock, Walmart restocks consoles every 5-15 minutes. If you don’t manage to get one at a particular time, you can keep trying to see if you’ll score one.

When does Walmart restock clothes?

Walmart restocks clothes every day. Restocking may happen from 10 pm to 7 am during the night shift. Walmart employees may also replenish clothes in daytime during low-traffic periods.

When does Walmart restock electronics?

Walmart restocks electronics three or four times a week or when they run out of stock. Typically, electronic restocking takes place between 12 am, and 7 am.

What day does Walmart restock Pokémon cards?

Walmart does not have a specific day of restocking Pokémon cards since they have different distributors who vary in their supply times. Instead, Walmart restocks these cards daily from Monday to Friday.

What day does Walmart restock trading cards?

Walmart restocks trading cards every week from Monday through Friday. The restocking takes place between 9 am to 3 pm.


Walmart does not have a specific restocking schedule but replenishes its products depending on demand. Restocking times may also vary by location, where some stores are busier than others.

The retailer restocks essential items like groceries, milk, meat, and bakery products daily between 10 pm and 7 am. Walmart restocks electronics every three to four days.

You can check Walmart’s online inventory on its website. You can also use the Brickseek app to check inventory and compare prices. You may also call your nearest Walmart outlet and ask the customer care associates whether the item you want is in stock.

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