Does CVS Have Public Bathrooms?

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CVS has more than 9,900 stores across the US, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. With such a considerable number of outlets, you may be curious whether the retailer has public bathrooms in all its stores.

All CVS stores have public bathrooms inside the store. The restrooms are open for use by CVS employees, customers, and the general public. However, CVS may keep its bathrooms locked to avoid abuse. In this case, you can request a CVS employee for the keys to access them.

CVS Have Bathrooms

Does CVS Have Gender-Neutral Bathrooms?

The concept of gender-neutral bathrooms is relatively new and can be confusing. These bathrooms are unisex facilities open to all genders, regardless of sex or gender identity. In addition to various bathrooms for specific genders, you can find gender-neutral bathrooms at CVS stores.

Where Can You Find Bathrooms In CVS?

Typically, CVS bathrooms are usually near the far end of the store. The restrooms are well-maintained, clean, and spacious enough. If you can’t find the bathroom at your local CVS, here are some tips on how to locate one:

  • Ask at the customer service desk – employees at this desk will provide information on where to find the restrooms
  •  Look for signs that say “Restrooms” or “Bathroom.” Some stores may not have these signs posted, but they should be easy enough to spot if you look around carefully
  • Ask an employee – CVS employees are usually happy to help customers find their way around the store and know where restrooms are, even if they aren’t marked on signs around the store

Can A CVS Store Deny You From Accessing the Bathroom?

You can access all bathroom facilities in most CVS stores since they are open to customers and the public alike. However, a CVS store employee may deny you access to the restrooms.

When this happens, you may be disappointed and wonder if they have any right to do so and whether you can take any action about it.

Unfortunately, the store is within its rights to deny you access to its restrooms, depending on your location. Under federal law, CVS stores are required to provide bathrooms to their employees unless the local legislation states otherwise. 

Therefore, the store is not obligated to let you use the facilities even if you are a customer.

However, most CVS stores provide restroom facilities freely to their customers as a sign of good customer service. So, the next time you’re at a CVS store, just request an employee to let you use the bathroom if it is locked.

Are CVS Bathrooms Clean And Accessible?

If you have ever gone into a dirty public restroom, you know how bad it can be. Since CVS bathrooms are public restrooms, how clean are they?

CVS bathrooms are often clean and accessible. Overall, the pharmacy chain is committed to providing clean public restrooms for its employees and other users through regular cleaning and maintenance.

The store has strict sanitation standards for its restrooms. These include:

  • A hand-washing sink in each bathroom
  • Soap dispensers within reach of all sinks
  • A trash can in each restroom
  •  Paper towels or warm air dryers in each bathroom


Do bathrooms in CVS include a soap dispenser?

Yes. All bathrooms in CVS stores have soap dispensers. Other items available include napkin dispensers, paper towels, garbage bins, and more.

Does CVS have family bathrooms?

Yes. Some CVS stores have family bathrooms equipped with a table where one can change their babies.

Are the bathrooms in CVS locked?

No. Most CVS bathrooms are always open to the public. However, some may be locked if faulty or to maintain their general condition.


All CVS stores have bathrooms open to employees, customers, and other public members. The bathrooms are always clean and well maintained, so you can use them comfortably.

CVS bathrooms are mainly located at the far end of the stores. If you find the restroom locked, you can always ask an employee for the key to access it. 

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