What Kind Of Stamps Does CVS Sell?

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When most people think of CVS, they most likely think of picking up their prescriptions. But did you know that in addition to pharmaceuticals and health products, you can also buy stamps at your local CVS store?

CVS sells First-Class Forever stamps in booklets of 20 stamps. One First-Class Forever stamp gives you enough postage to send a standard 1-ounce letter.

Most CVS stores stock stamps in booklets, so you cannot get single stamps at the store. Although CVS does not stock a wide variety of stamps, they sell stamps bearing the US flag and other general symbols.

To learn more about how to buy stamps at CVS, their prices, and why it’s an ideal place to purchase stamps, continue reading!

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How Much Are Stamps At CVS?

The cost of stamps at CVS is the same as buying at the US post office. The stores sell First Class Forever stamps in booklets of 20 pieces for $10. 

Since a single First-Class Forever stamp costs $0.55, buying them in booklets for $10 at CVS will save you $1. So, purchasing stamps at CVS may be worth it since you’ll get them at a discounted price.

Can You Use ExtraBucks Reward Points To Purchase Stamps At CVS?

If you are a regular customer at CVS, you may be familiar with its customer loyalty program known as ExtraCare. Under the program, regular customers get discounts and rewards for various purchases made in-store or online.

So, can you buy stamps with the ExtraBucks reward points earned for shopping at CVS?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the ExtraBucks reward points to purchase stamps at CVS. The other items you cannot buy using these points include gift cards, prepaid cards, alcohol, prescriptions, money orders, and more.

Is CVS The Cheapest Place To Buy Stamps?

Yes, CVS is one of the cheapest places to buy stamps. The stores sell the stamps at the same prices as when purchasing at the US post office.

Since a single First-Class Forever stamp is $0.55, you’ll spend $11 for a single booklet if you buy it at the post office. However, CVS sells the booklet at $10, meaning you’ll save $1 for each booklet of 20 stamps bought at CVS. In addition, CVS does not add any margins to the price like other stores, pushing the cost up.

How to Buy Stamps at CVS?

CVS is a pharmacy and drugstore chain in the United States, with over 9,500 locations. To buy stamps at CVS, you need to find a CVS store near you. Since they’re all over the country, it’s easy to find one using the store locator on their website.

You can get the stamps at the cash registers or the checkout counter in your local CVS store. The stores accept various payment methods for your stamps, including cash, debit and credit cards, EBT cards, Reliacard, CVS gift cards, or personal checks with valid IDs.

Where to Buy Stamps at CVS?

Since CVS stores are convenience stores, you’ll get them at strategic places near your area. While at the store, you can ask the CVS associates working at the cash registers for stamps. They usually have the stamps in the drawers for convenience and easy access when customers ask for them.

Alternatively, you can head to the stationery and office supplies section to get the stamps. A CVS associate can direct you where to get the stamps in the store. Currently, CVS only sells stamps in-store, and they are not available for purchase online.

Advantages of Buying Stamps at CVS

People who want to buy stamps often have to go to a post office, which can be inconvenient and time-consuming. Fortunately, there’s another option: buying stamps at CVS.

In addition to its pharmacy business, CVS is also a popular place for people to buy stamps. It’s easy to find one of the company’s stores near you. Just type your ZIP code into the store locator feature on their website.

There are several advantages to buying stamps at CVS, which include:

Convenient store locations

It’s not uncommon for people living in rural areas to have limited access to postal services, but this isn’t an issue with CVS stores. The chain has over 9,500 locations spread across the US, so there’s almost always one nearby. This means that there are many CVS stores where you can purchase stamps without driving too far away from home or work.

Longer operating hours

Most post offices close early in the evening or on weekends. This makes it challenging to buy stamps after work or during your lunch break if you don’t have time during regular business hours. However, most CVS stores are open until 10 p.m., while some are open for 24 hours. So, they offer convenient after-hours shopping for last-minute purchases or emergencies when you need to post something quickly.

Affordable pricing

CVS stores sell stamps for the same price of $0.55 per stamp you get at the post office. Unlike the post office, their stamps are also quite affordable at $10 for a booklet of 20 stamps. Therefore, you save $1 per booklet if you buy the stamps in bulk.

You can weigh your letters 

Many people don’t know this, but you can weigh your letters at most CVS stores to determine how much postage you need to purchase. This is especially helpful when mailing large packages that require a minimum weight.

You can shop for other items as well, saving you time

If you live close enough to a CVS store selling stamps, then it’s probably worth stopping by for their convenience alone. While getting stamps, why not grab some groceries or pick up some health products you may need? The store is sure to have whatever else you may be looking for.


Does CVS sell international stamps?

Yes. CVS sells a variety of stamps, including international, specialty, and First Class Forever stamps.

Does CVS sell stamps and envelopes?

Yes. In addition to stamps, you can buy various packaging options such as envelopes and boxes at CVS stores.

Does CVS sell global stamps?

No. CVS sells First-Class Forever stamps in booklets of 20 stamps each.

Does CVS sell USPS stamps?

Yes. CVS sells USPS First Class Forever stamps in all its locations across the United States.

Does CVS sell rolls of stamps?

No. CVS sells stamps in booklets of 20 stamps each. They also don’t sell single stamps.


You can buy USPS First-Class Forever stamps at any CVS store across the US. With such a massive network of stores, you can quickly get a CVS store near you to buy stamps and other household essentials. The stamps are, however, available in-store and cannot be purchased online.

To buy the stamps, go to any CVS store and request them at the cash register. CVS sells the stamps in booklets of 20 stamps at $10 per booklet. Although CVS sells the stamps for the same price as the US post office, buying at CVS is more reasonable since you’ll save at least $1 per booklet when purchasing in bulk.

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