What Day of The Week Do CVS Stores Restock?

Most CVS stores restock on a need basis and do not have a particular schedule for restocking. Busy CVS stores may restock once or up to twice weekly. You can find out which day your local store will likely resupply by calling them before heading there.

To learn more about CVS’s restocking schedules, how often they restock different items, whether you can get stock alerts on your phone, and more, continue reading.

CVS Restock

CVS has a very flexible restock schedule, so they refill their inventory as needed. The retailer does not have a specific restocking day and will replenish once the store is low on stock.

CVS will also restock when approaching a major holiday with items they expect to be in demand. CVS can also replenish its inventory if it fears bad weather may disrupt its supply lines.

Most CVS have varying restocking days depending on how busy the stores are. For example, stores with higher customer traffic restock more frequently than others.

When it’s time to restock, CVS stores receive their goods via a truck. Restocking commences once the employees come in the morning. So, if you want to make some purchases, the best time is in the afternoon when most items are available.

How Long Does It Take for CVS To Restock?

The restocking times in various CVS stores may vary depending on the supply schedules. In some cases, CVS stores close to the warehouses may have their stocks replenished as soon as needed.

However, if the items are vendor-supplied, restocking times usually depend on the vendor since CVS does not control when they deliver.

When shopping at CVS online, each product’s availability depends on the nearby stores. This means that even if your current store does not have the item in stock, CVS will show you the nearest store to buy the item, depending on your zip code. 

Do All CVS Stores carry the same inventory?

CVS stores have a unique assortment of items, and each store’s inventory can vary from location to location. Some CVS locations are larger and thus have more products in their stores than others.

What Items Does CVS Restock?

CVS restocks various products, including groceries, toiletries, and health and beauty items. The company makes these decisions based on sales trends, customer preferences, and expected supply time, especially if it is a vendor-supplied product. Below are the restocking times for different items at CVS.

Essential goods

CVS restocks essential goods regularly and may do so at least once weekly. These include items like toothpaste, shampoo, food, and canned beverages. They also include more specialized items such as baby formula and pet food.

Non-essential products

CVS has an extensive list of non-essential products, including toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies. CVS often restocks non-essential products such as makeup and beauty every few weeks. However, the retailer does not keep huge volumes of these products since they are not fast-moving.

Pharmaceuticals products

CVS restocks pharmaceuticals as soon as their stocks reach the reorder levels. This includes many over-the-counter prescription medications, such as those used to treat blood pressure or heart disease. Although there can be shortages due to manufacturing issues, CVS always tries its best to restock on time to avoid delays in receiving your medication.

Does CVS Restock Out-Of-Stock Items?

In most cases, CVS will replenish out-of-stock items as soon as possible unless there are problems with its supply chains. Although the restocking times vary with each store, CVS ensures that they get the products in time to avoid inconveniences to its customers.

However, this may depend on the type of products. For example, if the items are seasonal, such as those used during major holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving, CVS does not restock them immediately. In such cases, CVS waits until the following holidays to replenish them.

If, for example, you order some prescriptions, but the item runs out of stock after ordering, CVS promises to put it on backorder and ship it to you once available.

Can you check the CVS inventory online?

To check CVS inventory online;

  • Log in to your account at cvs.com.
  • Enter the item name, and click on search.
  • The website will show all stores with the item based on your zip code.

You can also use the Brickseek inventory app to check the CVS inventory. Brickseek is an app that lets you check whether the items you need are available at your favorite store before heading there. You can also use the app to compare the item prices among the major retailers in your area.

To check CVS inventory using Brickseek;

  • Enter the item number (SKU)
  • Enter your zip code
  • Click on check inventory. The app will show whether the item is available in any CVS store near your area, its price, and the number of products in stock.

If you’re looking to purchase a product at CVS that’s not currently in stock, you can approach your nearest store management and make a request. In most cases, this applies to products that are not on sale or discontinued.

When Does CVS Restock Online?

CVS does not have a specific time to replenish its online items. However, the store ensures that its website gets updated with new stocks as soon as possible. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at cvs.com, the best thing is to call CVS customer service at 1-800-746-7287 to know whether the item is available in-store.

How Do You Get Restock Alerts From CVS?

CVS does not offer restock alerts on its website. 

However, when buying prescriptions, you can opt for text alerts by texting “Join” to CVS-TXT (287-898). Once done, CVS will notify you when your refills are ready for collection. You can also sign up for email notifications for prescription refill alerts.

When Is The Best Time To Shop At CVS?

If you want to catch the freshest restocks, the best time to visit CVS is between 11 am and 3 pm. By this time, employees will have finished restocking items that arrive overnight. 

These hours are also suitable for shopping because there are fewer people at the stores. So you won’t have to wait in line for long.

In addition, shop around in different CVS locations. Sometimes stores will have different prices on similar items depending on their location. For example, if there are two CVS stores within your zip code, one may be cheaper because it has fewer overheads.


How long does it take for CVS to restock a prescription?

If you have ordered an out-of-stock prescription at CVS, it should arrive in the store within one day or a few days, depending on the nature of the medication.

How often does CVS restock gift cards?

CVS does not restock gift cards regularly. Any restocks will depend on the remaining stocks and the vendors.

When does CVS restock beauty products?

CVS restocks its branded beauty products at least once every week. 

When does CVS restock Pokemon cards?

CVS does not restock Pokemon cards regularly, and could take a few weeks to replenish their stock.

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