How Much Does CVS Charge For Passport Photos?

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You can have your passport photos taken at any CVS store with a Photo Center. According to CVS, all their passport photos are government compliant. 

The stores use an auto-updated KODAK Biometric ID System to take your pictures, which means you get passport photos that are acceptable by American, Canadian, Australian, or French state departments.

To learn more about how to get your passport photos taken at CVS, its costs, the requirements, and more, continue reading.

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Do All CVS Stores Take Passport Photos?

Since CVS has more than 9500 stores across the US, can you pop into any store to have your passport photo taken?

Unfortunately, not all CVS stores offer passport photo services. Only CVS stores that have a Photo Center in-store can take your passport photo. So, before you head to your nearest CVS outlet, you may want to call ahead to confirm whether it has a Photo Center.

You can get the location of the nearest CVS store using the store locator feature on the CVS website. Once you input your zip code, you’ll get a list of all the stores closest to you. You can then call the phone number listed under the store to know whether it has a Photo Center.

Most CVS stores usually open between 8 am and 10 pm, although some close at midnight. You can check your nearest CVS store’s operating hours on the website using the store locator feature.

How Much Does CVS Charge For Passport Photos?

CVS charges $14.99 to take your passport photos at its Photo Centers. At this price, you’ll get two passport photos. If you need additional passport photos, you’ll have to pay an extra $2.99 for every two photos.

It’s also worth noting that CVS sometimes offers you a way to save on the cost of having your photos taken there. For example, using your CVS ExtraCare card may get you a 3% discount on the total price. You can also use a CVS photo coupon code to save on the overall cost.

How to Get Your Passport Photos at CVS

Passport photos are required for all U.S. passports, regardless of age. These photos must meet the requirements set forth by the United States Department of State and cannot be taken at photo booths due to their quality requirements.  

If you need to renew or apply for a new passport, visit any CVS store with a Photo Center. Currently, there are about 400 CVS outlets that have a Photo Center in-store.

You don’t need to make an appointment with your nearest CVS outlet when you need passport photos. All you have to do is to visit the Photo Center during regular hours to have your picture taken. The process usually takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.

Taking a Passport Photo

Getting your passport photo taken at CVS is a convenient and affordable option. Just go to a CVS Photo Center and ask an associate to take your photo.

The associate will use a Kodak Moments Biometric ID Photo System to take your photos. The system produces high-quality passport photos acceptable by the US state department for visas, passports, and ID cards.

Having your photo taken and printed at CVS Photo Centers takes a few minutes. If your passport photos are rejected for any reason, you can take them back to CVS and have them retaken as long as you can prove the purchase.

Printing Your Digital Passport Photos

Apart from having your photos taken at CVS, you can have someone else take them at home and print them at a CVS store. If you opt for this, there are specific requirements that you must meet.

For example, you must ensure that the photos are the correct size (the State Department requires two 2 x 2 inches passport photos). You also must ensure that your face is devoid of funny expressions. If you have to smile, ensure it is a “natural” smile.

Once you have taken your photos at home, follow these steps to print them at a CVS Photo Center.

  • Save them on a flash drive as a pdf
  • Go to your nearest CVS store that has a Photo Center and request them to print the photos for you
  • Alternatively, you can go to the CVS website or CVS mobile app
  • Select Prints and Enlargements services
  • Upload your photo from your USB drive and choose 4×6 print
  • Pay for the photos and pick them up at your nearest CVS Photo Center. CVS will charge you $0.33 to print each image. You can get up to 4 passport photos printed on a 4×6 paper

Are CVS Passport Photos Instant?

If you are in a hurry to get some passport photos, you may be worried that you may have to wait for long. However, there is no need to worry since CVS photos are instant.

There are usually no queues at CVS Photo Centers. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes. This includes taking pictures in the photo booth and printing your photos. 

Passport Photo Requirements at CVS

Passport photos are easy to take, but some rules still need to be followed. The best passport photos will show your face clearly and accurately.

Here are some tips to help you ensure you get a great photo:

  • Stand up straight. Your head should be upright and leaning slightly forward with your chin parallel to the floor
  • Smile naturally — but no laughing or smiling directly into the camera lens. Instead, give an authentic-looking smile that shows off your teeth without overdoing it
  • Use neutral facial expressions — but avoid looking too serious or stone-faced, which can make you look cold or unapproachable in your photo
  • Avoid wearing work uniforms when taking photos. This includes camouflage clothes and other uniforms
  • Remove any head coverings unless you use them for medical or religious reasons. If you must have a head covering, CVS will need you to present a medical report or a signed statement to prove your spiritual practices
  • Remove any sunglasses. For prescription glasses, you may need to have a doctor’s note before taking the photos

Does CVS Take Good Passport Photos?

Before heading to a CVS Photo Center, you may be worried about the quality of their photos. If so, there is no need to worry about CVS photos.

CVS Photo Centers always guarantee high-quality photos. The centers use an auto-updated Kodak Biometric photo ID system to ensure that your passport photos meet the standards set by government agencies and US passport requirements.

According to reviews from customers who have used CVS passport photo services, the photos are high-quality with excellent print sharpness. However, they complained of the services being costly compared to other stores. In another review, a customer said that although CVS digital photo printing services offer great features, the quality may be a bit low.


Does CVS do baby passport photos?

No.  According to several sources and complaints, CVS refuses to take baby passport photos. You can, however, take your baby’s passport photo and print it at a CVS Photo Center. However, you can enquire at your nearest CVS Photo Center to see if they can take your baby’s photos.

Is CVS doing passport photos during COVID?

Yes. CVS stores have continued offering passport photo services during the Covid period.

Can you order passport photos online at CVS?

No. You can only have your photos taken in-store at a CVS store.

Can you take a passport photo with your phone?

Yes. You can take a passport photo with your phone. However, you need to ensure that the size, quality, and background settings are correct for them to be acceptable.

Is it cheaper to get a passport photo at the post office?

No. The prices are almost the same. CVS charges $14.99 for two passport photos, while US post offices charge $15 for the same photos.


You can have your passport photos taken at select CVS stores with a Photo Center. The store will charge you $14.99 for two passport photos and $2.99 for two extra ones. Alternatively, you can have a friend take your photos at home and print them at a CVS store.

CVS Photo Centers use an auto-updated KODAK Biometric ID System to take your passport photos. Therefore, you can rest assured that they are high quality and acceptable by relevant state departments.

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