How Does CVS Cash Back Work?

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Many stores such as CVS offer incentives such as cashback services to help you save time and money, especially if you’re on a tight schedule.

Cashback is a way to get money back from your purchases. It’s typically a percentage of the total purchase price and can be as little as 1% or as much as 5%.

Getting money through CVS cashback helps you save on gas since you do not need to make a trip to the bank or an ATM. It also enables you to save on the withdrawal fees charged at the ATM.

CVS Pharmacies offer cashback services throughout its stores. However, CVS only gives cashback services if you pay using your debit card. You cannot get cashback if you pay using a personal check or credit card.

You are also not eligible for cashback at CVS when paying using mobile wallets such as Google Pay or Apple Pay.

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How Much Cash Back Can You Get At CVS?

You can receive up to $35 cashback per transaction when making purchases at a CVS store. Most CVS stores give cashback starting at $5 and increase the amount in multiples of five up to a maximum of $35.

When you opt to get cashback at a CVS store, the transaction amount doesn’t matter. This means you can buy an item worth $1 or $100 and still get the maximum $35 cashback. If you need more than $35, you’ll have to make several purchases or go to a different CVS store.

Is There A Cash Back Fee?

Unlike other stores, CVS does not charge any fees for cashback services. The store offers the services free of charge in a bid to attract more customers to its premises. 

It also allows you to choose how to receive the cashback amount. You can get the cash in coins, notes, or a combination of both, subject to availability at the CVS store.

How to Earn Cash Back At CVS

CVS cashback is a simple way to get cash without going to your bank or an ATM. The program is available on all CVS Pharmacy purchases, including generic drugs, health and beauty items, and more.

Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase at any CVS Pharmacy location. Once you are done, proceed to the cash register and swipe your debit card
  • The cashier will ask you whether you require any cashback. If you’re using a self-checkout machine, you may receive a prompt whether you need cashback after swiping the card
  • Confirm that you need a cashback and select the amount to get up to a maximum of $35
  • The cashier will add your selected cashback amount to your total purchase. For example, if you purchase items worth $2.50, the cashier will charge your card a total of $37.50
  • Confirm that the total amount is correct
  • The cashier will conclude the transaction and give you your cashback amount. Your purchase receipt reflects the total cost of your items plus the cashback amount
  •  Choose how you want to receive the cashback amount, either in bills, coins, or a combination of both

What Stores Give The Most Cash Back?

Other than CVS, you may wonder whether other stores give larger amounts of cash back.

Below is a list of stores you can visit to get the most cashback on your debit card:

  • Aldi – up to $100
  • Albertsons – up to $300
  • Kroger – up to $300
  •  Farm fresh – up to $200
  • Publix – up to $100
  • Ralphs  – up to $200
  • Food Lion – up to $200
  • Fred Meyer – up to $300
  • Safeway – up to $200
  • Walmart – up to $100
  • Shoprite – up to $200
  • Winn-Dixie – up to $100
  • Vons – up to $200
  • Harris Teeter – up to $200
  • Save Mart Supermarkets – up to $300
  • Mariano’s – up to $100


Can you get $5 cash back at CVS?

Yes. You can get $5 cash back at CVS, although the minimum may vary by store.

Can you get $10 cash back at CVS?

Yes. CVS store will give you a $10 cashback in various denominations, such as coins and bills.

Can you redeem your CVS cash back with a gift card?

No. You cannot redeem a gift card for cash or credit at CVS.

Can you get cash back at CVS with Venmo?

Yes. If you use Venmo at a CVS store, you’ll get a $10 cash back on your first purchase.

Can you get cash back at CVS with PayPal?

Yes. You can get $10 cashback on your in-store purchase while using PayPal.


You can get cashback on all your transactions made with a debit card at any CVS store. This is a convenient way to get some money, unlike an ATM which charges withdrawal fees.

There is no minimum purchase amount required for CVS cashbacks. However, CVS will only give you a maximum of $35 per transaction. You can do several transactions or go to a different CVS store if you need more cash.

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