Does CVS Do Price Matching?

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Price matching allows consumers to get the best deal on certain items by comparing prices with other stores. If you find an item for less at another store, show the cashier the ad or a printout of the lower price and request a price match.

Some stores will only match prices on identical items. Others will match prices on comparable items (the same size, color, and style).

Unfortunately, CVS does not price match its stores or other competing pharmacies.  However, you can use its in-store coupons, weekly specials, ExtraCare card, and more to save while shopping there.

To learn more about why CVS does not price match and the ways you can use to save at CVS, continue readingcvs price match

Do CVS Do Price Adjustments?

Just like price matching, CVS does not offer price adjustments. CVS tends to maintain its own prices (which are sometimes higher than those of other pharmacies) to retain its competitive edge. Since there are no price adjustments, you can use the various reward programs at CVS to save on your purchases.

Other Ways to Get Discounts and Save Money at CVS

Although CVS does not price match or make price adjustments, there are multiple ways to save at CVS, including discounts and coupons. 

For example, CVS gives up to 20% discount off CVS items and a 10% discount on regular branded items. Below are ways you can use to save while shopping at a CVS store.

ExtraCare Card

A CVS ExtraCare card is a free loyalty card that gives you 2% in ExtraBucks rewards every time you shop at a CVS store. When you shop with the ExtraCare rewards card, you also get weekly ad deals allowing you to save on purchases every week.

A CVS ExtraCare card will also reward you with a $3 special birthday gift. To save more using this card, sign up for the ExtraCare emails or text alerts and get personalized offers straight to your inbox.

To use the ExtraCare card for your in-store purchases, you need to scan your card during checkout to get discounts on your purchases. If you don’t have the ExtraCare card but are enrolled in the loyalty program, you can provide the phone number used at registration to get the discount. When shopping online, just scan the card with the CVS app to apply the discount to your purchases.

Coupons Discount

When shopping at any CVS store, look out for the ExtraCare Coupon centers. These are the red coupon kiosks inside the stores where you can buy CVS coupons. You can also get CVS coupons at their online Coupon Center or third-party websites.

CVS coupons give you access to exclusive deals and a chance to save more on items already on sale. The CVS coupon center gives you personalized coupons for your favorite brands and products based on your purchase habits. You can also get all the ExtraBucks rewards earned at the coupon center.

You can also use the discount card and coupons to save on your prescriptions while shopping at a CVS store. CVS stores also accepts Gold Rx and Gold Rx Gold discount schemes while shopping at any of its stores.

To use your CVS coupons in-store, you can either present them to the cashier or scan them at the checkout counter. Enter each coupon code in your basket’s coupons section when shopping online. Ensure that you enter one coupon code at a time and click on Apply to use it.

CVS CarePass

CVS CarePass is a subscription service that lets you save on your deliveries for eligible prescriptions. You can enroll for a CVS CarePass membership at your nearest CVS store or online through your CVS account. The enrolment fee for a CVS CarePass membership is $5 per month or $48 annually.

As a CarePass member, you’ll get up to 20% off CVS brand products. You’ll also enjoy free RX same-day delivery and free 1 to 2-day shipping on select prescriptions. A CVS CarePass membership also lets you access a 24/7 pharmacist helpline to get assistance with any issues with your medications.

Which Retailers Do Price Match?

Since CVS does not price match, you may be wondering where you can get price matching on your purchases.

Some stores that will match other retailers’ prices include the following.

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • BestBuy
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Staples

Although CVS is said to be more expensive than other retailers, there are reasons why this is so. CVS has many conveniently located outlets, unlike its competitors such as Target, whose stores are further apart

In addition, CVS ensures that it has all you need. This way, CVS eliminates the competition by ensuring you can shop for all you need at its stores without going to other retailers.


Does Walgreens price match CVS?

No. Walgreens does not match CVS or any of its competitors. It does not price match its stores too.

Does CVS price match online prices?

No. CVS does not match online or in-store prices

Does CVS price match Rite Aid?

No. CVS does not price match Rite Aid, nor does it adjust its prices to those offered by Rite Aid.

Does CVS price match Amazon?

No. CVS does not price match Amazon since it’s a direct competitor.

Does CVS price match GoodRx?

No. CVS does not price match Good RX, although it accepts Good Rx and Good RX gold discount schemes at its stores


Although CVS does not match its competitors’ prices, it offers other ways to save. You can use the CVS ExtraCare card, coupons, weekly ads and promotions, and more to save on your purchases.

In addition, CVS does not offer price adjustments but maintains a competitive advantage by having conveniently located stores. It also beats off competition by having everything that you may need under one roof.


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