What Is The Drug Testing Policy at CVS?

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Most employers have strict requirements for new employees, such as pre-employment drug tests and background checks. If you plan to apply for a job at CVS, you may be curious about its drug testing policy.

CVS has a drug test policy that includes pre-employment and random tests for employees working in their stores. Although all new employees are subject to drug tests, the practice may vary with each store.

For example, the management of some CVS stores opts to drug test you if you’re applying for higher positions such as administrative or pharmaceutical roles.

CVS mainly conducts a urine drug test which you must complete within 24 hours of receiving a job offer. The store also conducts background checks to protect its interests, employees, and customers.

CVS drug test

Can You Still Get Hired If You Failed A Drug Test?

CVS, like most companies, has a zero-tolerance policy for drug use among its employees. Therefore, if you have already received a job offer but fail your drug test, CVS will withdraw it.

However, you can contest the drug test results, request another test, or reapply for the position after six months. You’ll still be required to undertake the test after six months when applying for a job. Existing employees who fail their drug test may have their employment terminated.

What Type Of Drug Test Does CVS Do?

When you apply for a job at CVS, the store requires you to undertake a urine drug test (urine drug screen), although they may also do a mouth swab test. Urine tests are the most common method used by employers to test for drugs because they are inexpensive and easy to administer.

CVS uses a 9-panel urine drug test and tests for substances such as

  •  Marijuana
  • Synthetic stimulants
  • Nicotine
  • MDMA (ecstasy)
  • Alcohol
  •  Methamphetamine
  •  Barbiturates
  •  MDMA (ecstasy)
  • Cocaine

How does CVS do its drug test?

CVS does not drug test you but uses third-party clinics for the procedures. When you are booked for a drug test, CVS will require you to visit one of its authorized clinics for the tests. 

How long do drugs stay in your system?

If you have used any drugs, whether prescription or otherwise, you may be worried if they might appear in your drug screening at CVS. The time a drug stays in your system depends on several factors. These include:

  • Type of drug – different drugs have different chemical compositions, determining how long they remain in your body. Some medications, such as marijuana and cocaine, may stay longer than others
  •  Quantity – the quantity of a drug taken plays an important role in how long it remains in your body. For example, the test can detect a small amount of heroin in your urine if taken in the last 24 hours
  • Frequency – taking drugs regularly means they are very likely to show in your drug screening

How Often Does CVS Do Drug Tests?

When you go for an interview at CVS, the interviewer will inform you whether you need to take a drug test. Once you get employed, drug tests vary based on your position at CVS and whether or not you need to take one every year.

For example, your position may require random drug tests if you’re working in management or pharmaceuticals. However, when working as a cashier, you may not have to undergo frequent drug tests.

Does CVS drug test on the first interview?

Taking a drug test during your first interview at CVS usually depends on the position you are applying for and the store management. 

While some CVS stores require drug tests on all new hires, other stores conduct drug tests only if you’re applying for a managerial or pharmaceutical role.

Does CVS drug test for promotions?

The store may require you to undergo a drug test when seeking a senior position at CVS. For example, if you’re currently working in customer service but want a role in management, you’ll have to take a drug screening. CVS will refuse your promotion request if you fail the test.

Does CVS drug test at orientation?

CVS may require you to take another drug test, depending on your applied position. If you are applying for an assistant or cashier position, you probably won’t need to do a drug test at orientation. 

However, suppose you are applying for a management position or any other position that requires warehouse work or driving a forklift. In that case, you need to pass a drug test at orientation.

How Long Do CVS Drug Test Results Take?

When you get a job offer, CVS will schedule you for a drug test at one of their approved clinics. Once you do the test, you can expect the results within a week. The clinic will send a copy of the results to you and another copy to the CVS store.

Who Does CVS Drug Test?

CVS uses independent clinics to test its employees for drugs. When applying for a remote position, CVS will send you the necessary drug screening documents via mail to take the test at your nearest authorized facility.

Although anyone working there is eligible for the test, CVS mainly tests staff working in senior positions, such as managers, pharmacists, and software engineers. Junior staff, such as cashiers, are usually exempt from taking the tests, although this depends on the store management. 

Can You Refuse to Take a Drug Test At CVS?

CVS prohibits its employees from using, possessing, or exchanging drugs while working at its stores. If CVS suspects that you’re under the influence of a banned substance and requires you to take a drug test, you don’t have an option but to comply. Failure to do this may lead to termination of your employment.


Does CVS do mouth swab drug tests?

Yes. Some CVS stores may do a mouth swab drug test, although the main test across all stores is urine.

Does CVS do hair drug tests?

No. CVS only does urine drug tests

Does CVS sell home drug tests?

Yes. You can buy home drug test kits at your nearest CVS outlet.

How accurate are CVS drug test kits?

According to the manufacturers of CVS drug test kits, their results are up to 99% accurate. 

Does CVS do a 10-panel drug test?

No. CVS uses a 9-panel urine drug test for all employees.


If you have applied for a job at CVS, know that the store may require you to take a urine drug test. However, this may depend on the position you’ve applied for and the store management.

CVS does not conduct the test at their pharmacies but will refer you to an authorized clinic. If you fail the test, you can reapply for the position after six months, although you’ll still need to retake the test.

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