Is CVS Strict On The Dress Code?

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Nowadays, most retail stores have unique dress codes that help distinguish their employees, while providing a sense of unity and belonging. If you are about to join CVS as a new employee, you may be curious about its dress code. This post will explain all you need to know.

cvs dress code

Does CVS Provide Uniforms?

CVS provides uniforms for all its employees in various positions and departments. As an employee, you are expected to wear the appropriate uniform for your position. Below are some of the applicable dress codes for various positions at CVS.

Dress Code for CVS Front-of-Store Staff

If you are a front-of-store staff, your uniform includes a company-issued shirt bearing a CVS logo, normal business casual pants or skirt, a CVS badge, and a cap. Your pants/skirt should have a neutral color, such as black or tan.

Since you’ll be on the move most of the time, your shoes should be comfortable and safe on the store floor. Flat-soled shoes are preferable to oddly shaped ones with sharp heels.

Just like your pants/skirt, your shoes should be either black or brown. If you prefer sneakers, ensure they are smart, fit well, and are in good condition.

Dress Code for CVS Store Managers

As a store manager, you must wear business casual clothes such as button-down shirts, pants, and closed-toe shoes. CVS store managers are not allowed to wear jeans.

Dress Code for CVS Pharmacists

If you are joining CVS as a pharmacist, you must be in a white lab coat always. Underneath your coat, you should be in casual business attire consisting of a shirt/blouse with a tie, a pair of tailored slacks/knee-length skirt, and closed-toe shoes. Ensure your slacks/skirt and shoes are of a neutral shade.

Dress Code for CVS Pharmacy Technicians

Once you join CVS as a pharmacy technician, the company issues you with hospital scrubs which you should wear at all times. Although CVS scrubs are comfortable, they may not be enough for winter months.

Since you are not allowed to wear anything on top of your scrubs, you may need warmer clothing under the scrubs. Your shoes should also be closed-toe, comfortable, and have a neutral color.

Official CVS Dress Code

CVS employees’ dress code is quite simple.

As a CVS employee, your dress code consists of black or brown colored pants and a company-issued shirt with a CVS badge. If you are a pharmacist, you must wear casual business clothes under your lab coat. Pharmacy technicians should be in hospital scrubs at all times. All employees should wear their nametags and closed-toe shoes.

With CVS having a prescribed dress code for its employees, you may wonder whether they have other restrictions for various categories of clothes. Here are additional guidelines for various clothes at CVS.

  • Shirts – you can wear a company-provided polo shirt or t-shirt. They can either be deep red or blue.
  • Pants – you should wear trousers made of synthetic fabric such as cotton. Jeans are not allowed, although some stores may allow them depending on the management.
  • Shoes – since you’ll be on your feet most of the time, always wear comfortable and non-slip shoes. The shoes should also be closed-toe and of moderate colors.
  • Hats/Caps – the only permitted hats at CVS are the company-issued caps bearing a CVS badge. You cannot wear any other cap promoting a competitor or with offensive markings.
  • Shorts/Skirts – ladies can wear knee-length skirts in appropriate colors. Shorts are not allowed at CVS stores since they have adequate air conditioning. However, some stores may allow you to wear shorts in sweltering conditions.
  • Tattoo/Piercings – the management may require you to conceal your tattoos if they are offensive. Body piercings are allowed as long as they don’t interfere with your work.
  • Hair – CVS requires its employees to maintain their natural hair colors. However, some sources claim that they have relaxed this rule to allow employees to dye their hair. So, the best thing is to confirm with your manager or colleagues.
  • Jackets –during winter, you may wear a jacket or hoodie to keep warm. However, you must ensure that you wear your name tag outside the jacket where it’s visible.

Is CVS Strict On The Dress Code?

The dress code for CVS employees is pretty strict and must be followed at all times. The company has specific rules about what attire is acceptable for employees to wear while at work or serving customers. 

If you violate the dress code, you may be subject to warnings, and disciplinary action, including termination of employment, in severe cases.

What Should You Wear To A CVS Interview?

CVS interviews are casual, so you must look professional when meeting with the hiring team.

You should wear an outfit that is professional, neat, and clean. If you are interviewing for a retail job, you may dress up in formal clothing.

Your outfit should not be too casual or too flashy. You may wear a shirt and pants with a jacket if it is cold outside. If you are applying for a management position at CVS, you can wear a suit for the interview.

When you arrive at work for orientation, wear something appropriate for the environment. For example, if it’s a casual environment, wear business casual clothes such as slacks and a dress shirt with no tie or jacket. If it’s more formal, wear something darker like khakis and polos with collared shirts instead of t-shirts.

Does CVS Have A Dress Code For Customers?

Although CVS does not have a specific dress code for its customers, it requires them to be dressed appropriately at all times. That said, customers must ensure that their clothes are clean, fitting, and respectable.


Can CVS employees wear nail colors or artificial nails?

Yes. You can apply any nail colors and have artificial nails as long as they don’t interfere with your work.

Do CVS Pharmacy techs wear their own scrubs?

No. CVS pharmacy technicians wear the scrubs provided by the company.

Do CVS uniforms run small?

No. CVS uniforms are standard size to fit employees with different body types.

What color scrubs does CVS wear?

CVS pharmacy technicians wear white hospital-grade scrubs on top of their standard attire.


When working as a CVS employee, your dress code depends on your position. If you’re a cashier or front-of-store staff, you should be in black or brown pants and a shirt with a CVS logo.

CVS pharmacists should wear a lab coat, while pharmacy technicians should wear scrubs on top of the recommended attire. CVS also allows piercings, tattoos, nail art, and polish as long as they are not offensive and don’t interfere with your work. 


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