Can You Send or Receive a Fax at CVS?

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If you have an urgent document you need to fax, you may wonder if you can do so at your nearest CVS store.

Unfortunately, CVS does not have faxing services or fax machines in any of its stores so as to focus more on its pharmaceutical business. You can, however, print photos,  documents and develop film, among other services, at your nearest CVS store.

Continue reading to know where you can get fax services, costs, and the alternative services that CVS offers.

CVS fax machine

Where Can You Send and Receive Fax Documents?

Since CVS does not have fax machines, you can get faxing services in any of the following stores.

  • Staples
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • Libraries

How To Send a Fax In-store?

To send a fax in-store, follow the following steps.

  • Load the document you want to send into the document feeder
  • Enter the fax number of the machine receiving your document
  • Press Fax or Send to fax the document
  • Once your fax is successful, the machine prints a confirmation page
  • Remove the confirmation page and your documents and pay for the services

How to Receive a Fax In-Store?

Follow the following steps to receive a fax in-store.

  • Go to any store that has a fax machine
  • Share the fax machine number with the person sending you the fax
  • Wait for them to send you the fax
  • The fax machine will print your documents as received from the sender
  • Wait for the device to finish printing all the documents and give you the confirmation tone
  • Pick your documents and pay for the fax services

How Much Does Sending Fax Cost?

When you need to send a fax, most stores offering the services will charge you from $1 per page. In most cases, these prices will vary according to the number of pages in your document and the distance. Therefore, sending local faxes will cost you less than international ones.

For example, sending a fax to local numbers using FedEx costs $1.89 a page and $1.59 for additional pages. Using UPS, you’ll pay $2 for the first page and $1 for subsequent pages when sending the fax to a local number.

What Other Services Do CVS Offer?

In addition to selling prescription drugs and other household essentials, you can get the following services at CVS stores.

  • Photo and film development – $12 for twelve exposures
  • Money order services – from $1.25 to $500 per money order
  • Documents printing services – 19 cents – $3.99 per page depending on the print type
  • Copying services – start at $0.20 per page


Does CVS have a public fax machine?

No. CVS does not have a fax machine for use by the public or its customers. Instead, the stores offer other services, including photo and film development, money orders, and copying and printing services.

Does Walgreens or CVS have a fax machine?

No. Walgreens and CVS do not have fax machines. If you need to send or receive a fax, you can go to any Staples, UPS, or FedEx store. You can also get fax services in libraries close to you.

Can you send a fax at a post office?

Yes. In addition to the traditional postal services, most post offices offer fax and copying services.


CVS does not offer fax services in its stores. The only services offered at CVS stores include photo and film development, copying and printing, money orders, and more.

You can get fax services at staples, UPS, FedEx, and various libraries. The cost of sending a fax will depend on the number of pages and the distance.

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