Do All CVS Stores Develop Film?

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Taking great photos can take time and effort but if you don’t develop your film on time, you risk getting it damaged or corrupted. If you are a regular customer at CVS, you may wonder if they develop films too.

CVS offers film development services in all CVS stores with a photo center as of 2022. The store develops 35mm color and black and white films and those from disposable cameras.

Although CVS has photo centers that receive your film development orders, they do not develop the films in-store. Instead, CVS takes the films to third-party labs for development. However, only those CVS stores with a photo center can take your orders to develop a film.

If you want to know whether your nearest CVS store has a photo center, you need to call before you head there. To get the store’s contact details, enter your zip code or state in the store locator feature on the CVS website. You will also get the store’s operating hours and the charges for developing different films.

Develop Film CVS

Does CVS Develop Films To Digital?

CVS will transfer your films to digital from either;

  • Photos – 2” by 2“up to 8” by 12.”
  • Plastic or cupboard-mounted slides starting from 35mm to 127 super slides.
  • Negatives – 126 Instamatic film, APS film, 110/220 film, 35 mm, and large negatives.

When you need to develop your films or photos into digital format, CVS can transfer in various formats such as Blu-ray, DVD, USB, or Digital copy that you can easily download to your device or Google photos.

What Types Of Films Does CVS Develop?

You can develop the following types of film at CVS

  • Disposable camera film
  • And Negatives
  • Black and white film
  • 110mm 35mm film
  • Advanced Photo System film
  • Film and slide film

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Film At CVS?

The cost of developing film at CVS depends on the number of prints and exposures you need. Typically, CVS will charge you about $0.36 per 4×6 print from a 35mm film or a disposable camera. The table below shows the full cost of developing films at CVS, depending on your requirements.

Number of exposures Single prints Double prints
12 exposures $10.99 $12.99
24 exposures $14.42 $17.85
27 exposures $14.99 $18.95
36 exposures $16.99 $21.99

Is It Cheaper To Develop Film At CVS?

CVS will charge you $0.36 per print for 4×6 photos in a 35mm film. When developing a 35mm film at CVS, you can expect to pay anything from $11 to $22, depending on the number of exposures and whether you want single or double prints.

Developing the same 35mm film at Walmart is a bit cheaper. To develop your films at Walmart, you’ll pay between $8 and $19 depending on whether you want 12, 24, 27, or 36 exposures and whether you need single or double prints.

Walgreens is another option to develop your films, although a bit costly compared to CVS and Walmart. To develop the 35mm film, Walgreens charges between $14.99 and $17.99 for 24, 27 and 36 single print exposures.

Developing 110 films at CVS costs the same as the 35mm film. However, note that the 110 films comes in 10, 12, or 24 exposures. So, developing these films at CVS will range from $10 to 14.42 for single prints and $12 to $17.85 for double prints.

Again, developing 110 films at Walmart is cheaper compared to CVS and Walgreens. For 10, 12, or 24 single film exposures, Walmart will charge you between $7.96 and $9.96. Developing the same set of exposures for a 110 film at Walgreens costs between $11.99 and $15.86.

How Long Does It Take CVS To Develop Film?

According to CVS Photo center, you can have your films developed to digital in four easy steps as shown below.

  • Gather all the films that you want to transfer digitally.
  • Then, place an order at Ensure that you package the films ready for shipping. You can also go to the nearest CVS store that has a photo center and place an order at the Kodak Picture Kiosk in the store.
  • Drop of your package containing the films at the Photo department.
  • Collect your films after three weeks.

Since CVS does not develop films in their photo centers, but instead uses third party photo labs, developing your films there may take longer than you expect.

If you are developing 35mm film prints or from a disposable camera, it takes about 7-10 working days to get your finished films from CVS.

However, if it is an advanced photo system film, a black and white film, negatives, a 110 film, or a slide film they will be ready for pick up at CVS after three weeks.

When you place a film development order at a CVS photo center, you will receive a confirmation email that contains an estimated pick up time. CVS will also send you a notification via email when the film is ready for pick up. If your film is late, you can contact CVS customer service at (888) 607-4287 or via email [email protected] to get the status of your order.

Is CVS A Good Place To Develop Film?

Developing film at CVS is a simple and affordable way to preserve your precious memories. According to a customer review, CVS produces high quality photos compared to its competitors such as Walgreens. If cost is not an issue, CVS would be your best bet to develop films compared to Walmart. However, some customers feel that CVS isn’t a good place to develop films due to their bad customer service and the quality of their work.

Is It Safe To Develop Film At CVS?

Developing film at CVS is a safe way to get your photos and memories digitized. Since CVS develops the films at third party labs, there are no concerns for its customers being exposed to any risks or chemicals when shopping there.


Does CVS return negatives after they develop?

No. CVS does not return the negatives but will dispose of them after developing your film.

How much does it cost to develop Kodak film at CVS?

Developing a Kodak film at CVS costs around 36 cents for each 4×6 print from a disposable camera or a 35mm filmstrip.

Can CVS scan your film?

Yes. CVS will scan your film and give you digital scans on CD, DVD, USB or 4×6 inch prints.

Does CVS develop disposable cameras?

Yes. CVS will develop your films even from disposable cameras too.

Will CVS develop an expired film?

Yes. You can bring your old or expired films to CVS photo center for processing.

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