Does CVS Blow Up Helium Balloons? (+Cost)

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CVS offers a wide selection of party supplies, including balloons. If you plan to purchase balloons at CVS, you may be curious whether they will inflate them for you.

You can have your helium balloons filled up at CVS stores. If you have any balloons bought at CVS, the store will inflate them for free, provided you produce your purchase receipt. You can also have the balloons filled up after purchase.

To learn whether CVS will charge you for blowing up your balloons, the types of balloons available at CVS stores, and more, continue reading.CVS Blow Up Balloons

What Kind Of Balloons Does CVS Sell?

CVS has various balloons for birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions. Some of the balloons available at CVS stores include water-bomb-style, colorful latex packs, and Mylar foil balloons.

CVS balloons are available in various colors and shapes. They also sell balloon bouquets that you can use for party decorations or celebrate special occasions. CVS also has non-decorative balloons such as neon punch ball and squawker balloons.

If you have bought your balloons elsewhere, can you take them to CVS for filling up?

All CVS stores will fill up any balloons bought at another CVS store if you produce your purchase receipt to prove that you purchased them there. However, some stores may refuse to blow up balloons bought elsewhere, while others may charge you a small fee for the service.

Since the prices of helium may vary in different locations, the cost of filling up your balloons may also vary at various CVS stores. Before you head to the nearest CVS store to fill your balloons, call ahead to know if they offer the services, especially if you bought them elsewhere.

Does CVS Sell Balloons Online?

CVS also sells balloons online. However, you can only fill these balloons in-store at your nearest CVS store. Follow these steps to buy balloons online at CVS.

  • Go to
  • Search for balloons on the search bar
  • Customize your search results using the different options on the left side of your screen
  • Scroll down until you find your desired balloons, and then click on add to cart
  • Once done shopping, click on checkout
  • Enter your payment information and submit

CVS provides delivery through Instacart and free shipping if your order exceeds $35. The store does not deliver blown-up balloons. If you bought them online, you can only have your balloons filled up at physical CVS stores.


How long do helium balloons last?

Helium balloons last depending on their sizes and the material making them. Small balloons may last between 10-12 hours, whereas bigger balloons may last up to 5 days.

Are helium balloons at CVS safe?

Yes. The helium balloons sold at CVS are safe and do not pose any health risks.

Does CVS have helium tanks?

Yes. CVS sells helium tanks and canisters.

Does CVS air-fill balloons?

No. CVS does not fill balloons with air. If you need air-filled balloons, you can buy an air pump at CVS to fill your balloons at home.

Does CVS sell party supplies?

Yes. CVS sells various party supplies, including streamers, party poopers, cups, hats, plates, and more.


If you purchase balloons at CVS, the store will fill them up with helium at no additional cost. You can also fill the balloons at CVS if you bought them at another store and have the purchase receipt.

If you bought your balloons elsewhere, different CVS stores might decline to inflate them or charge you a fee, depending on the location.

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