Why Do People Caw Caw in Aldi?

Have you ever heard someone “caw caw” in Aldi?

If you’ve been hanging around the Aldi Aisle of Shame Community on Facebook, you have probably seen the videos of Aldi customers shouting, “Caw Caw.”

Or maybe you have seen mention of this, and thought, “What in the world are they doing?”

caw caw in aldi

Crows are known for making a call that sounds like “caw caw caw” to find companion birds. Crows will often “caw” several times and then wait in silence, presumably listening for a response.

This well-known bird call has led to people using a similar call when they are hunting for their companions after they have been separated in public places, including stores.

But why do people randomly “Caw Caw” in Aldi?

Aldi Store Hours

This idea, like many other random ones, was born online. The hundreds of thousands of Aldi fans in our Facebook Group often discuss which particular Aldi stores they shop at, and wonder if they have ever run into anyone else in the group.

There have been many suggestions for ways to identify another member of the Aisle of Shame group IRL (in real life), and the “caw caw” in Aldi seems to have stuck.

As far as who can exactly take credit for this idea, well, it’s hard to determine.

The earliest mention we can find of the idea came on Aug. 7, 2020, in a discussion between Tayloranne Block, Carol Escobar Martell, and Martha Childers-Bauers. As you will see, this discussion also included mention of taking video of the “caw caw” in Aldi moment and posting it in the group.

On Jan. 18, 2021, Aisle of Shame group member Stephanie Horton made a similar suggestion.

Another Facebook group member, Mina Anderson Gray, got creative and gave the “Caw Caw” call a backstory…

Whoever came up with the idea, it has certainly caught on, and many Aldi fans have found new friends in the Aisle of Shame.

Aldi employees who follow this group, have also put their amusement with the trend on display, creating and posting signs acknowledging the Caw Caw in Aldi aisles.

And this writer just about fainted earlier this week, when she actually heard someone Caw Caw in the aisles at an Aldi local to her.

So, what’s a trend without a t-shirt? Nothing, we say! That’s why we’ve made a CAW CAW Aisle of Shame shirt available on Amazon!

caw caw shirt on amazon

How about you? Have you yelled “Caw Caw” in Aldi? If you heard it would you answer the call?


  1. I would love to shop Aldi’s but I am handicapped – I don’t understand why you do not have the electric carts for people like me – Lidl had them and that enables me to shop there but i would prefer to shop at Aldi which is close to my home – please give this your consideration for there are many handicapped people in the world – thank you

    • Doreen – I absolutely agree with you about the need for accessibility options (a family member used a wheelchair for many years), but remember that this isn’t an official Aldi website. This is a public fanpage not operated by anyone at Aldi. So while I agree with what you said, it probably won’t be seen my the Aldi owners here. Maybe you want to copy and paste your comments here, where Aldi will see it? https://www.aldi.us/en/about-aldi/contact-us/

      • We have (1) at our store. If it’s being used, I won’t be able to shop and spend more money, because I can’t physically do the store.

    • The stores in OKC have tried several times to get those electric wheel chairs & have had them stolen & in some cases “found” on private property. The OKC Police cannot or will not let store employees retrieve them from private property as it violates private property laws. I wonder how many locations have that issue. They get them & they are stolen & stored on private property where others cannot use or retrieve them?

  2. I know it’s not an official Aldi site, but my Aldi in Carbondale, Illinois has an Amiga shopper. I use it all the time and know that it makes me stay in the store longer and buy more.

    • Hi! I’m from Carbondale. I live in Chesapeake, VA now and love Aldi! There wasn’t an Aldi in Carbondale when I was growing up, but it became my go to store when I was living in Chicago…

  3. My mother and I both shop at Aldi’s. We both came caw as well(me A Lot louder) we caw caw every time and have not gotten a reply. But I’ll keep on trying. Y mom actually got me into the Facebook group and it’s been one heck of a fun ride. CAW CAW!

  4. My mother and I both shop at Aldi’s. We both came caw as well(me A Lot louder) we caw caw every time and have not gotten a reply. But I’ll keep on trying. Y mom actually got me into the Facebook group and it’s been one heck of a fun ride.

  5. Ours too. I have made it into the store and the electric wc was in use. I had to leave. A lot of stores don’t have any. Hobby lobby told me I could bring my own. Problem is i can’t afford my own

    • There are agencies available who can get you a wheelchair for free. Try your states Agency on Aging or possibly Catholic Charities. There are a number of places who could get you a wheelchair for free Good luck.

  6. I actually caw caw today and someone AND her grandson both answered, then of course we had to introduce ourselves and she had to take a pic and post on Facebook. It was awesome!

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