All the Must-Have Holiday Treats Coming to Aldi in November!

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Do you want holiday treats? Because Aldi is giving us ALL THE HOLIDAY TREATS in November! 

aldi must have holiday treats novembe

We love the Aldi holiday treat sneak peek because it lets us plan holiday entertaining and gift-giving.

This year we’re spreading the love to friends and family by adding the ‘You’ve Been Elf’d’ tradition of leaving treats on doorsteps, similar to Secret Santa. Aldi makes that easy with a huge assortment of chocolates, truffles, cupcakes, cookies, popcorn, and pretzels.

This month alone, Aldi is adding more than forty seasonal snacks and treats to their aisles, so it’s definitely going to be a sweet holiday season!

Aldi Holiday Treats November 2021

Moser Roth Belgian Chocolate Box

Available for the season 11/5 – $7.99

aldi Belgian Chocolate Box

Selected Dark Chocolate Truffles Gift Bag

Available for the season 11/5 – $6.99

Available for the season 11/5 – $1.99

Available for the season 11/5 – $2.99

Benton’s Fudge Coated Peppermint Cremes

Available 11/17 – $3.99

Sundae Shoppe Holiday Gelato Flights

Available 11/17 – $3.99

Available 11/17 – $9.99

Choceur Holiday Tin Chocolate Assortment german castle Choceur Holiday Tin Chocolate Assortment

Available 11/17 – $3.99


Choceur Hollow Chocolate Santa

Available 11/17 – $2.49

Available 11/17 – $2.49

Choceur Break-A-Part Dark Orange Chocolate Choceur Break-A-Part Orange Chocolate Choceur Break-A-Part Dark Mint Chocolate

Available 11/17 – $4.99

Available 11/17 – $1.99

Available 11/24 – $1.99

Available 11/24 – $1.99

Clancy’s Dark Drizzled Kettlecorn

Available 11/24 – $3.49


Clancy’s Pretzels Gift Box

Available 11/24 – $2.99


  1. Babka Cakes, what happened to the Babka cakes, omg they were so delicious, I look for them every year….will you please bring them back. you had chocolate, and cinnamon….. yummmmm

  2. Where are the Lebkuchen, Zimt Sterne, Spekulatius, etc? Are they not available this year due to shipping problems? Looks like the Stollen has been downsized. I always counted on Aldi to provide the German treats for Christmas parties. These look like they are American products.

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