Melting Snowman Hot Chocolate Bombs are Coming Back to Aldi…And they’re Almost too Cute to Drink!

As the leading Aldi website covering Aldi Finds, we know a thing or two about trends and can spot a “hot item” well before it hits shelves. Last year we predicted that the Choceur Melting Chocolate Cocoa Snowman AKA Melting Snowman Hot Chocolate Bombs were going to be a must-have for the holidays…and we were right!

The good news is these adorable hot chocolate snowman bombs are back for 2022!!

Choceur Melting Chocolate Cocoa Snowman

A white chocolate snowman filled with marshmallows and dark chocolate drops that melts perfectly in hot milk to make the ultimate hot chocolate treat… What could be better better!?

Choceur Melting Chocolate Cocoa Snowman

At $1.99 each at Aldi starting November 3rd, 2022 – these little guys are sure to sell out quickly as they make fun treats and inexpensive holiday gifts for coworkers, teachers, and friends.

How Does the Aldi Hot Chocolate Snowman Work?

Each melting snowman is designed to be a single serving of hot chocolate. Step one is to put the chocolate snowman in hot milk. Step two– watch him melt!! Finally, stir and enjoy a decadent mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows!

How Long Will the Snowman Hot Chocolate Bombs be Available?

Our only hope for getting our hands on these after they debut in stores on November 3rd is that Aldi announced they will be “available for the season“, rather than just a one-off Aldi Find. Generally, this means they will be restocked as shipments come in. We expect the season to be through November and December, ending around Christmas.

Because of their low price point and gift-ability, if you spot these melting snowman chocolate bombs and want 0ne (or 5), buy them ASAP…they’re never guaranteed to be re-stocked or be available the next time you shop. We have learned our lesson far too many times!

Trader Joe’s has their own version of Hot Chocolate Snowman that became almost impossible to find last year.

Are you excited about the Aldi snowman hot chocolate bombs? Let us know how you plan to use them by leaving a comment below.


  1. I am trying to find if / or how I could purchase the Aldi melting snowman, and have them shipped to my home in Oregon.

    • Good luck.. You have to literally camp out at the store to get one. I ended up buying a Frosty The Snowman Hot Cocoa melt instead. He is just adorable!! I got one of the last ones in the store. I was able to find him at CVS.

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