Aldi’s Gorgeous Ceramic Bowls Are Just $7 and Flying Off the Shelves!


Finding the perfect bowl for your morning cereal is essential to starting your day off right. The Crofton Ceramic Cereal Bowl, available at Aldi for just $6.99, combines affordability with modern style, making it a must-have for any kitchen.

Stylish Design and Options

The Crofton Ceramic Cereal Bowl is available in four elegant styles: Blue, Beige, Green, and White. Each bowl features a fluted ceramic pattern, adding a touch of sophistication to your breakfast table. With a 19-ounce capacity, these bowls are perfect for enjoying a generous serving of your favorite cereal.

Durable Ceramic Material

Made from high-quality ceramic, these bowls are built to last. The sturdy material ensures that you can enjoy your breakfast without worrying about chips or cracks. However, it’s important to note that Aldi’s website does not specify whether these bowls are microwave safe. To avoid any accidents, be cautious with hot foods and consider hand washing and drying to maintain their pristine condition.

Why We Love This

The Crofton Ceramic Cereal Bowl offers a perfect balance of style and functionality at an unbeatable price. Whether you choose to collect all four colors or match them with your existing dishware, these bowls are a versatile addition to any kitchen. The generous 19-ounce capacity means you can enjoy a hearty breakfast without needing a refill, making them ideal for cereal lovers of all ages.

Customer Feedback

Customers have praised these bowls for their stylish design and durability. Many appreciate the affordable price point, allowing them to build a collection without breaking the bank. The variety of colors also receives positive feedback, with users enjoying the ability to mix and match or create a cohesive set.


The Crofton Ceramic Cereal Bowl is a fantastic addition to any breakfast routine. With its stylish design, durable ceramic material, and affordable price, it’s easy to see why these bowls are a hit with customers. Head to your nearest Aldi and grab one (or all four) of these beautiful bowls to elevate your morning cereal experience.

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