This Aldi Gelato Flight is Everything We Love About the Holidays!

The Aldi Gelato Flight has all of our favorite flavors of the holidays!

aldi gelato flight holiday flavors

Every month when we get a sneak peek of Aldi food finds there are always at least one or two stand-outs. This month, the winner, by a landslide, is a gelato flight with three holidays flavors: Pumpkin Pie, Candy Cane, and Eggnog.

The holiday gelato from Aldi is imported from Italy (the birthplace of gelato!) and includes 3 – 4.4oz cups. These are single-serving sizes, Aldi family! So if you’re like us, and don’t want to share, make sure to pick up multiple boxes.

Each Aldi gelato flight is $3.99.

aldi gelato flight for the holidays

We’ll have our own review of the gelato flavors soon, but it’s been almost unanimous in the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook community that this gelato flight is a hit…so much so we’re hoping Aldi has additional gelato flights for future holidays! 

UPDATE! We tried the gelato flight on our most recent Facebook live and they are SO GOOD! Each flavor is a winner and it’s 100% worth the price for 3 single servings for $3.99 (our most comment question about the holiday gelato flight).

This is one time you’ll just have to trust us, if you like pumpkin pie, candy cane, and eggnog flavors, get this gelato trio ASAP!

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