Aldi is Dropping These New 3-Wick Candle Scents for Mother’s Day

These new 3-wick candle scents will make great Mother’s Day gifts!

If there’s one thing we love about the Aldi Aisle of Shame, it’s the candles.


And when we say “the candles,” we mean Aldi Candles.

Those round ones with three wicks that are a dupe for a popular chain.

But that popular chain sells them for $25. At Aldi, they are $3.99!


So as you now understand, we get really excited when Aldi drops new 3-wick candle scents. Like, really excited!

On April 21, Aldi will be releasing four new candles, and they are timed perfectly for Mother’s Day gift shopping.


The new candle scents are:

  • Blackberry Mint Mimosa
  • Garden Rose
  • Happy Mother’s Day
  • Sunday Brunch

As we said, these retail for $3.99. They are the same size – 14-ounces – as the Bath & Body Works candles.

3-wick candle scents

We’re still working through our White Almond candles from the last Aldi candle drop, but we’ll be looking for these this week, as well!

Just a note for Aldi shoppers: Some stores are now stocking the 3-wick candles in the aisle with cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc., rather than in the actual Aldi Finds aisle. So, if you don’t seem them in your Aisle of Shame, that’s another place to look!

Which 3-wick candle scents are you shopping for?


  1. want to order Some candles But to difficult to figure out how to do so, and would like some if someone could Help.

  2. Hello! You mentioned that these candle scents are copycats of another brand, do you know the specific candles? I bought the sugared petals one and I really love it, it’s dead on for a candle or perfume my mom had when I was little. I’d love to know if anyone knows of a candle with the same scent so that I can get more when I run out. Thanks!

    • These cannot be ordered online (other than through third party sellers like eBay or Mercari). They are sold at Aldi stores only.

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