3-Wick Candles are Back at Aldi, and We’re Ready to Re-stock

These August 3-wick candles are due on Aldi shelves on Aug. 19!

Fans of the Huntington Home 3-wick candles have been waiting for the latest collection to drop for over a month now. If you haven’t tried these candles, you will notice that they are similar in size and shape to the candles at Bath & Body Works. And many Aldi shoppers agree that for just $3.99 each, they have great scent throw and are worth the money.


aldi late summer candles

If you haven’t tried Aldi candles, you should at least give one a shot. They could save you a lot of money!

Personally, we like to have these “in stock” at our house, and, well, mama’s candle cupboard is looking a little bare.

That’s why we were excited to see the four new scents coming to the Aisle of Shame soon!

Here they are:

Agave Citrus Candle

August 3-wick candles

This Agave Citrus candle is intriguing — sounds like it could be a great late-summer scent!

Brisk Summer Nights Candle

Brisk Summer Nights Aldi candle

As hot as it has been in our area, the prospect of Brisk Summer Nights sounds quite refreshing, though the name does not give us much of a clue as to what this scent will be.

Lemongrass Bamboo Candle


Aldi August 3-wick candles - lemongrass bamboo

The candle collections always have a clean scent, and we’re guessing this Lemongrass Bamboo one will provide that spa-like atmosphere we crave.

Chocolate Filled Belgium Waffles Candle

aldi chocolate waffles candles

And now for what we are guessing will be the most popular of the August 3-wick candles — Chocolate Filled Belgium Waffles. Yum!

August 3-wick candles

Which of these 3-wick candles do you want most?

Tell us in the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group! When you shop for these, keep in mind that many stores have started stocking the candles near the cleaning and personal care products, rather than in the aisle with other Aldi Finds. Be sure to look both places in your local Aldi store!

Wondering what other candle scents Aldi has carried in the past? Check our this Aldi 3-wick candle list!



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