Aldi Is Selling Everything You Need To Grow a Garden This Year

There are so many Aldi Gardening Items coming to stores in April!

Now that Spring is here it’s time to start thinking about getting your garden ready and planted! Aldi has loaded us up with literally everything we need to give our “green thumbs” a go! You’ll be ready to plant your own little space of gardening heaven after one quick trip to Aldi.

aldi gardening items

Gardenline Ladies Garden Boots

Available 4/14 – $11.99

Grab your size fast because these aren’t going to last long. Perfect for keeping the dirt away from your toes and in your garden area where it belongs. Various designs may be located at different stores.

aldi garden boots

Gardenline Touchscreen Gardening Gloves

Available 4/14 – $5.99

With sizes M-XL, you’ll be able to grab a few pairs for everyone in the house. And who says you can’t text while you garden? These gloves make it possible to stay in touch while you’re “touching” up your garden area as well.

Various colors and styles are available.

aldi touchscreen gardening gloves

Gardenline Tumbling Composter

Available 4/14 – $39.99

With this tumbler, no hand-mixing is required. This means you can add in your scraps and let the tumbler do all the work. Simple to assemble and a great way to add compost to your garden beds.

tumbling composter at aldi

Suncast Multi-Purpose Cart

Available 4/14 – $24.99

Need help lugging around some of the larger items in your yard? This affordable cart on wheels can literally do all the heavy lifting for you. Easy to use, easy to push or pull, and easy on the pocketbook.

aldi gardening items suncast cart

Gardenline Walk-In Greenhouse

Available 4/21 – $39.99

With 6 shelves included, you’ll have indoor space for keeping all your plants safe. This greenhouse protects your plants from the wrath of Mother Nature and takes no tools at all to assemble!

Dimensions: 4.7′ x 2.4′ x 6.4′

aldi greenhouse

Belavi 2-Piece Macrame Plant Hanger

Available 4/21 – $9.99

Add a little style to your plants with these cotton plant hangers. You’ll get two in a pack and can choose between black and white colors. Just open, hang, and enjoy.

macrame plant hanger at aldi

Belavi Wooden Plant Ladder Stand

Available 4/21 – $39.99

This stand is great for displaying all your plants, inside or outside the home. Choose from a natural wood coloring or a light gray to tie in the rest of your home decor.

aldi plant ladder

Rattan Sphere Hanging Planter

Available 4/21 – $14.99

Talk about a beauty! This fun design allows this to be showcased indoors or outdoors and is made to be weather resistant as well. It also comes with a stainless steel hanger to be tough enough to hold up your plants.

rattan sphere hanging planter

Belavi 16 Inch Planter

Available 4/21 – $9.99

Add some fun color to your planters with these great options. Use them in your house or outside and load them up with your favorite flowers and plants. Choose from white, black, or green in color.

aldi gardening items 16 inch planter

Belavi Garden Lantern

Available 4/21 – $11.99

Use this vintage-looking lantern as a great outside addition. Because when it comes to gardening, you just might need light outside to go and check on your plants, and admire all those other Aldi gardening items you have in your outdoor decor!

aldi garden lantern

Belavi Garden Fence Panel

Available 4/28 – $7.99

This garden fence panel is perfect for adding a bit of beauty and also maybe deterring the animals from popping in for a late-night snack as well. Line them up to great quite the stunning barrier around your garden.

aldi garden fence panels

Belavi 15 Inch Plant Stand

Available 4/28 – $6.99

If you have your plants in a pot, they need a plant stand to really “stand” out and shine. This plant stand is delicate but sturdy and would look great on a front porch or even somewhere inside the home.

aldi plant stand gardening items

Belavi Garden Arch

Available 4/28 – $39.99

Create a space leading into your garden that is warm and welcoming. This garden arch will have everyone wanting to walk underneath to take a peek at what’s waiting on the other side.

aldi garden arch

Belavi 12 Inch Self Watering Planter

Available 4/28 – $4.99

You had me at “self-watering”. Any time you can have help keeping the plants alive, take it! This planter will be certain that the plants that are planted inside it never run out of water.



Belavi Wooden Raised Planter

Available 4/28 – $49.99

If you don’t have space in your yard to dig a garden area, invest in a raised garden planter instead. This is made using strong and sturdy wood that will provide a solid base and growing area for your plants. Easy to put together and even more simple to take care of all the plants, right on your front porch!

wooden raised planter

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