Aldi has a 4ft inflatable gnome that’s not in this week’s ad…and trust us, you’re going to want him!

SURPRISE, Aisle of Shamers! Aldi has been releasing items throughout the holiday season that never made it into the weekly ad…and this week, there is a 4ft inflatable gnome! YES– AN INFLATABLE GNOME!!

aldi holiday inflatable gnome

Members from our Aisle of Shame Facebook group have been posting pictures of their new outdoor holiday inflatables, and this gnome instantly became a stand-out.

We had to have him for our front yard, so we made the trek to a few different Aldi stores, and sure enough, the Aisle of Shame was stocked with Christmas inflatables that were never published in the Aldi ad.

How amazing is this inflatable gnome!!!???

aldi inflatable holiday gnome

Each Aldi holiday inflatable is $12.99 and is 4ft tall. In addition to the Gnome (our personal fave), there is a Reindeer, Snowman, Penguin, Santa, Christmas Tree, and Letters to Santa Mailbox.

They are all absolutely adorable, and not only do they self-inflate, but they LIGHT UP with energy-efficient LEDs. There is no assembly required for these guys, just plug in and watch them inflate and light up when it gets dark outside.

If there is one surprise Aldi Find this holiday season that you need to get…the inflatable gnome is it!

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