Aldi is Adding 3 Spicy Cheddar Cheeses to Its Lineup

These Aldi spicy cheddar cheeses could be a hit on your football party grazing board!

aldi spicy cheese

Hot wings, hot pickles, hot fries … football and spicy foods go hand in hand for many of us.


Aldi Spicy Cheddar Cheese

Now Aldi is coming through with us with some perfect additions for a football party grazing board.

These 3 spicy cheddar cheeses will be available starting on Jan. 15.

spicy cheddar

This new Emporium Selection cheese collection will include Siracha Cheddar, Dragon’s Breath Cheddar, and Red Thai Curry Cheddar.

The cheese will sell for $3.49 per 7-ounce block

aldi dragon's breath cheddar

Hmmm … we’re thinking dragon’s breath mac and cheese also sounds good.


If spicy isn’t your style, there are also new heart-shaped cheeses coming to Aldi this month!

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  1. We want dragon breath cheese. It’s the best I have ever had if it was available I would buy nothing else. Do something we are desperate. At least tell me who makes it for you.

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