Aldi Cheetah PJs: You’ve Been Warned, The Next Aldi PJ Craze Is On The Way

These Aldi Cheetah PJs are coming to stores for the week of Oct. 21 (Oct. 18 in stores with a Sunday ad switchover)!

aldi cheetah pjs

If you’ve been a part of our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group for about a year, then you remember the Wine Pajamas.

No, that doesn’t do it justice — the FAMOUS Wine Pajamas is more like it.

aldi wine pjs

These came out last November, and they were, well, more than a hit. People went crazy for them!

Aldi has always been a great place to get pajamas, because of the price. I don’t know about you, but I hate paying $40 for a pair of pajamas that I’m basically going to, you know, lounge and sleep in.

Aldi sells two-piece sets for so much less.

And brace yourselves, because another Aldi PJ craze is coming…

aldi cheetah print pajamas

These Serra Ladies 2-Piece Pajama Sets in Cheetah print are sure to be a big hit!

These are due in Aldi stores for the ad week of Oct. 21 (that’s Oct. 18 in stores with a Sunday ad switchover).

And if you need pajamas, but the Aldi Cheetah PJs aren’t your thing, there’s another print available, as well!

moon and stars pjs

This moon and stars set is super cute, as well.

These PJ sets are priced at just $12.99!

Have you seen the boots, ponchos and other Aldi Fall Fashions?

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